Gibson/Epiphone Butterfly Guitar

Posted by Hollie on Wed, 07/10/02 - 15:53:26.

I saw a guitar (Epiphone E-02) on ebay and didn't get it but am looking for it now. It is an acoustic-electric and it has a butterfly below the strings and a crescent moon with a star on the headstock. If anyone knows where one is please e-mail me. Thanks

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Re: Gibson/Epiphone Butterfly Guitar

Hey i own one of those beautiful guitars and i am looking to sell it. It is in good condition with working plug ins. It does have a few small scratchs but is a great looking guitar. If you are interested email me and i can send you pics. I am about to list in on ebay so if you want it please respond asap

Re: Gibson/Epiphone Butterfly Guitar

I saw this guitar on ebay listed as a 1953 guitar (b.s.), yet the thing had a current electric console with the bass/treble/vol, etc part. The seller said it had been in storage for 50 years (b.s.) and is in great shape... weren't acoustic/electrics started in the late 70's?

These look like good guitars though. If anyone wants to sell theirs for under $100, write to me please.

Re: Gibson/Epiphone Butterfly Guitar

Electric Accoustics started in the 70s? (b.s.) I am sure John Lennon would have been shocked that he was playing a guitar that did not exist yet in the movie Hard Days Night (1964), i.e., the Gibson 160E (an electric acoustic made in 1954)...Electric Acoustic guitars were first made by Gibson guitars just after WWII (1948); the guitar in question here is a cutaway, a very old style guitar and was part of the Orville Series (as in Orville Gibson), but Epiphone won a lawsuit and claimed rights to produce the series. The date you say the man mentions, 1953, is exactly right on! Thanks, Lisa Skierski (Rolling Stone)



I have been trying to find out what this "butterfly" guitar is worth. Mine says it is made in Korea and has the same butterfly on the body and moon/star on the head. It is the EO -28 model. I haven't been able to even find a picture of one.

Any help would be appreciated.


If you get any word

Hi there, I really want to know the worth as well..

If you get any word could you please fill me in ?

Thank you.


How much?

How much?

butterfly guitar

My dad bought me this guitar when I was 12 or 13. I still play and write songs, but unfortunately that guitar was lost at a pawn shop in Dallas Tx many years ago when I was trying my first shot at "college." I would love to get one of these back in my hands. [email protected]

Input on this guitar

It's an Epiphone EO-2, made in Korea in the 90s as part of the "Orville Collection." Front, back and sides are laminated walnut.

butterfly gibson guitar

i amlooking for a guitar for my son he had a gibson with the butterfly in abalone or inlayed in guitar lost during moves would like to get him one now to replace after all these years please contact if you have one on my e mail thank you

I have one to sell

I have one of these guitars and would like to sell it. The guitar is in great condition with just three small dent/marks 1-2 mm in size.
Contact me if you are interested.

Are you still selling it?

Are you still selling it?

Gibson Butterfly eo-2

I have one I purchased in the early 90s. Beautiful & in fantastic condition. Email me if interested. [email protected]

Gibson eo-2 for sale - in great condition

I purchased this guitar in the early 90s. It's beautiful, butterfly...crescent moon and stars inlay. Gold hardware. Email me if interested. [email protected]

Hello,I wondering if anyone

Hello,I wondering if anyone still has the black guitar with the butterfly? My niece loves butterflies and she is starting to play guitar. Thought that would make a great gift if still available. please e-mail me at [email protected]    or text me (Della)at 6786411617. 

Thank you

Gibson Orville guitar

I have this guitar in excellent condition. I've had it since 1990 and I am now going to sell. Anyone interested email me at. [email protected]

Epiphone Orville eo-2 1993

i have a epiphone orville eo-2 in great condition, its black and has the butterfly. Email me a [email protected] if interested!!

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