How to get good Harmonics

Posted by jimmy on Sat, 07/13/02 - 19:35:44.

I was wondering which matters most in getting harmonics. The Amp, Pickups, or Neck of the guitar. What would be good equipment to get for harmonics.

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Re: How to get good Harmonics

: It isn't the equipment, it's how you play. For Natural harmonics: Put your index finger above the 12th fret on the bottom E string. (actually, any string will do). Don't press down or add pressure, just set it on the fret. As you pick the note, pull your index finger off. You should hear a nice flutelike sound. If you don't, your timing was off. The hardest part is timing. If you pull off too soon, it'll sound normal. If you pull off too late, it'll sound muted.

Artificial harmonics will make the note sound much higher and sometimes blends with the original fretted note. The resulting note will sound like it's screaming out of your guitar. The general idea is to get some fleshy part of your picking hand (usually part of the thumb) to gently touch the string while it's being picked. Some people like to choke up on the pick to get their thumb close to the strings. They touch the string with part of the tip of the thumb. To play these harmonics best, grip your pick even lower so that your index finger and thumb are almost toughing the string. Now pick the note, as you pull off the note slightly pluck it with your thumb. You should get a nice clean tone. This is not easy at first, but keep trying.

Re: How to get good Harmonics

Quite a perfect explanation, but i could never do harmonics on my first guitar, however hard i tried. I went to my cousin's house, and all of a sudden they were easy. So i guess if you want to know if you do it right, take a decent guitar and amp (just above absolute shit), and some distortion, you'll know if you're doing it right, as you get better, you'll be able to do artificial harmonics on clean, dist or even acoustic.

Re: How to get good Harmonics

use your thumb and the pick and depending on where you hit the sting, you can get good harmonics from any note

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