StarForce USA Electric Guitar

Posted by Paul Dellas on Tue, 07/30/02 - 22:57:25.

I have aquired the above mentioned guitar can you please tell me who it is made by and the value and if they are still being manufactured.
thanks Paul

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Re: StarForce USA Electric Guitar

: I have aquired the above mentioned guitar just like paul it looks like an series 10 guitar i think thay are a cheep guitar but the one i have playes really good

Re: StarForce USA Electric Guitar

I got my Starforce about a year and a half ago its a Cherry red hardwood body w/cherry red headstock has a Tremolo w/fine tuners and a locking bridge with wrench holder on back. I got mine for $100 US and havent had a problem with it other than minor tuning its one of the best buys I have ever got my hands on I am not sure what series it is off the top of my head though. I am also looking for more info on the company. My best bet is that they no longer exist, most guitar places will have no clue what brand you are talking about when you talk about em but they are sweet sounding from what I gather from all other posts as well as my own experience

Re: StarForce USA Electric Guitar

i got mine 2day £25 british money its got silkolene on the body think its a transfer though not sure if this is part of its design. mines cherry red and got all the parts you mentioned.

starforce usa crackle blue

I have a starforce usa crackle blue electic guitar and I need to replace the neck.
Anybody have any ideas?

starforce guitar- string change

i just acquired this guitar yesterday at a flea market for 20 dollars. the only downside i can see to it, is the nut is very bad looking. for lack of better knowledge on the subject, it looks very fragile. anybody else seen any like this or is that how they are made ? any string gauge suggestions ? i use 10's on my other guitars. but with this frail looking nut, im just wondering if 10's would mess it up. deffinately need to change the strings, the ones that are on there are rusted out completely

things that make me think twice

well im about to buy one is a Starforce 9000 but there s some things that i dont like..... it dosn't have pickup selector.. has a botton like a volume control to select the pick up or i dont really know..... but heres my email to somo of you help me cuz im not really shure to buy the guitar

starforce 9000

I have the 8006 model, the buttons engage each pick up and 2 knobs are volume and tone. IDK if your's is a neck through but mine is and for the money it can't be beat! It plays as good as my ESP.


i have been investigating a bit and i Discover that this guitar is an imitation of The Paul Reed Smith Custom 24..... and i watch some rewievs and its a great guitar .... ive got no doubt's im gonna buy the guitar its awesome.... my problem was that it dosn't have pick up selector... but i allrady see that the paul Reed smith guitar got the same button, im good now... thnks!

starforce guitar

I bought my Starforce guitar in the 1995. It sounds great. I would like to know, if I sold it to day, how much would I get for it. Please let me know.

starforce guitar value

I bought my starforce strat in '96, but I would like to know how much it's worth today even though I have no problem with it at all. Please let me know asap. Thank you very much.8WBLY

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