Whats better Marshall or Mesa boogie???

Posted by Fender182 on Wed, 09/18/02 - 02:39:42.

Im a tom delonge fanatic and dont know what amp to by first, money is not a problem but which first Marshall JCM900 or Mesa-Boogie Triple Rectifier?

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Re: Whats better Marshall or Mesa boogie???

Mesa what the hell is wrong with you. Why would you not buy a mesa if you've got the money for it. Especially over a JCM 900. Maybe a JCM 2000 but I would still go the Mesa.

Re: Whats better Marshall or Mesa boogie???

I love Mesa but I can afford Marshall. Marshall are great amps and both brands would give you something like Blink 182 sounds. Dual and Tripple Recto's are awesome amps but if you decide on Marshall I would personally recomend the JCM 800 reissues. All Marshalls growl but the JCM 800 snarls

Boogie rules!!!

Do you really need to ask.

Mesa boogie rules

i have a mesa...i think i have a sound very similar to tom's sound but also with a marshall you can have tom's sound!!!!!!!!!!isn't difficult..bye

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