The difference between ibanez and fender

Posted by Tiffani on Sat, 07/01/00 - 19:04:05.

ok i have a fender guitar and an ibanez bass, i love them both, but you see, the problem is im thinkin of getting an ibanez guitar and a fender bass, but u see, i want to know the difference in soud in each one, is the ibanez more meallic or is it just me? get back to me please!!!!

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Re: The difference between ibanez and fender

fender is famous for the legendary blues sounding stratocaster. i have a fender strat plus and an ibenez RG series. if you like playing metal and want a really good floyed rose system on a guitar to make funny cool sounding dives and bends with...ibenez is your company because they've been building the setup of floyed rosed guitars for a dependable amount of years. the only thing that sucks is trying to tune it if you're changing string gauges, but i love putting a set of 8th's on my ibenez and turning up the distorsion. there's a thinner and thrashier tone that you'll want and get from it if you want to do metal or distorted music. a lot of ibenez guitars are built with thinner necks so you'll be better off on playing faster guitar solo's. but going clean and trying to play the blues, i like my fender better. i play a lot of blues so my strat is great because they're built with fuller necks, so that you can really dig into your solo''m blabbering but...the fenders are really good for all types of music but metal, their tone is too full and bright, not too great under distorsion to thrash on but totally awesome through distorsion to get a rich tone on...and also this is all depending on how much you spend on your guitar...the more you spend, the more you'll get out of your instrument, but the more you play your instrument, the more you'll get out of yourself...shit, i'm really blabbering..but fender's are nice for amost anything, and ibenez are awesome for metal, so depending on your music enjoyment, but the only thing is these companies have become huge coorporations and have lowered thier quality for maximum productivity to increase sales, so a lot of thier lower priced guitars will suck a bit, but play with what you have...i have nothing better to do, it's late at night and i can't sleep so i'm writting this stuff for you, so appreciate it or else...damn, i can't think of anything. just buy a freaken guitar and stop wasting the time you could spend playing-xai-bye

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