Suzuki F-130 Questions

Posted by JustJanis on Fri, 12/06/02 - 22:18:52.

I own a basically mint condition Suzuki F-130 acoustic guitar. It has a serial number on the inside and says Suzuki Three-S. I was wondering if anyone had information on when this guitar was made and what it is made out of etc... I got it in the mid 70's but it wasn't new then. Any suggestions on web-sites to visit would be great. Also, I'm considering selling it on eBay along with a hard-case - any idea on what to expect $$ wise? Thanks in advance. Janis ([email protected]

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Re: Suzuki F-130 Questions

I also own an F-130. I found it in my grandmothers basement 10 yrs ago. I dont know how old it is, but its in great condition and its my favorite guitar. I am looking for the same info you are. If you've found anything, let me know.

Re: Suzuki F-130 Questions

I also own one of f-130. And there's some info at this site.

Re: Suzuki F-130 Questions

: I also own one of f-130. And there's some info at this site.

I also own the same guitar, and it's in mint condition. Does anyone know what kind of copy of a Martin it is?

Re: Suzuki F-130 Questions

I bought a suzuki 3 s app 30 years ago and i think i paid £250 for it. It's no is 3181 / 86837. I have had loads of guitars including Guild d40 and now takamine and to be honest the suzuki is better than them all!¬!!


I have owned about 7 or 8 Suziki guitars over the years and they are without a doubt the most underrated guitars from the 70's and early 80's. You don't see many of the Suzuki Three-s out there for sale. Mainly because anyone who plays and owns one has kept it. Even the entry guitars made by Suzuki are decent guitars. The F-130 was made with the Three-s on the headstock and just Suzuki and both are excellent sounding guitars with the right set-up and strings. We hear a lot about "Lawsuit" guitars. None were ever taken to court. Martin usually sent a letter to the makers that copied the style of Martins name on the headstock. Like Takamine and Suzuki. The key is that Martin only wrote the letters to those guitar makers who made really good guitars that sounded great. I personally wouldn't sell any of my Suzuki guitars. The only guitars that come close to the quality and sound are the very popular early Yamaha FG series red label guitars. There is a lot of articles on the Suzuki guitars now as they are becoming more sought after.

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