Ampeg GT-10 solid state amp

Posted by Dennis on Thu, 02/06/03 - 15:03:52.

Anyone know anything about this amp? ... sound, tone, power ...


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Re: Ampeg GT-10 solid state amp

It's a 20 watt amp, but the sound is killer!!! Sounds much more powerful that you would think. Very clean with a nice reverb that sings at 3/4 volume!! Also RARE and hard to find model. Sought after by many BIG name musicians that use them in the studio.

: Anyone know anything about this amp? ... sound, tone, power ...

: thanks,
: Dennis

Re: Ampeg GT-10 solid state amp

I recently bought one in a pawn shop for 100 dollars. It really is a nice amp so far very reliable and absolutely excellent sound. I usually don't mess around with solid state stuff but I made an exception for this one. I can't tell much of a difference between it and the fender blues junior that has become so popular.

Re: Ampeg GT-10 solid state amp

This was my first guitar amp. I acquired it in the early 80's and it was already about 10 years old. It sat in my mother's attic until about 2000 when I rediscovered it there. It has a lot of power for the size of it, but it needs to warm up and everyone whose used it has gotten a shock off it at least once. It however has a great sound and the closest thing I've heard to it so far is a Fender Twin Combo.

Ampeg G10 amp

I found this one in the garbage ! cleaned it up real good, plugged it in and away we go !!! Holy cow this thing sounds really good ! I can't imagine why anyone would through this away. Some cuts on the venal, the cloth is in good condition so I hooked up my distortion pedal and couldn't believe my ears,now it sounds like a tube amp !!!

Ampeg GT-10 Solid State Amp has 3 Jack Plugs.

+Hi to

I was given am Ampeg GT-10. I'm not sure how old it is yet? The Serial Number is *S/N: 151526-2*.

At any rate, on the top, it has port 1 & 2, however I found one inside the amp, above the Speaker & under the electronics ( which I believe is for a "Foot Pedal")..... In that area there is a small sticker that read's:

FootSwitch ( FS-2 ) Accessory Jack - J3, underside of chassis.
Caution - To prevent electrical shock Do Not remove Nut from
FootSwitch Accessory Jack J3, see notice on back. P/N: 591726-3.

So far I haven't been able to find any information about this Amp, other than what everyone says; It's a great
amplifier & it's probably from the 70's & the sound is wonderful. Along with the fact that I haven't found any con's
yet, which leads me to believe that for a company, "AMPEG", a Magnavox owned company.

So with everything I've posted here, is there anyone who knows more about this Amplifier that can give me something that can help me out.

gt-10 reverb part number

Hi, I just got one of the Ampeg GT-10, reverb tank is hosed. The amp sat in a cellar bottom of the case and reverb rotted out, but speaker and chassis are intact. Was wondering if one of you could give me the part number off the reverb tank. Thanks.

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