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Posted by T. Lui on Fri, 10/24/03 - 18:21:56.

I'm a complete noob when it comes to guitars, but am seriously considering learning to play an acoustic. The modified guitars over at look interesting and they claim to be easier for beginners to learn. Has anyone bought a guitar from Zager's and if so, can you comment on the quality? Also, how do Washburn guitars compared to Martin guitars? Mr. Zager Jr. says that the Washburns have a slight advantage in terms of sound, fit and finish, and overall quality over the Martins, which are good too but seem to have higher name recognition. Thanks!

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Re: Martin vs. Washburn from

I'm not an expert but I own both the Washburn D48S and a Martin HD-28. I bought the Washburn because I could afford it and I inherited the HD-28 when my dad died. Between the two I have no favorite. The Washburn has a nice tone more on the upper pitch but the melow tone of the Martin is very "Martin" unique. As far as ease of use and easy to learn both are equal to me but only after the Martin bridge action was lowered a little. Before that the Martin caused some arm fatigue. I hope this helps. In a nutshell pick the one you like to listen to and one you can afford.

Re: Martin vs. Washburn from

I own a Zager and it is indeed easier to play than any other guitar I own. For example my Washburn 42S is a pretty good guitar but the Zager in noticable easier. For a beginner this means that you can practice for longer periods of time without finger pain, and grow faster. I believe the Zager modified Zager model comes from the same factory overseas that the Martin model is built in, It only has a few modifications from the Martin. The Zager modified Zager and the Zager modified Martin may have slight flaws in the wood under the finish. The Zager modified Washburn is perhaps the best in quality control. All of them sound like guitars costing three or four times as much. The Zager is truly my favorite practice guitar.

For the Money, Washburn is the best

You can get a lower end Martin for near $ 1,000. A lower end Taylor for $ 750. Spend $ 600 on a Washburn and you get a higher quality acoustic that sounds much better than higher priced Martins or Taylors. If you want value and quality and the best bag for your buck get a Washburn. (Or get 2)

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