Mansfield Guitars

Posted by Carla on Sun, 01/04/04 - 23:50:16.

I too would appreciate any information on Mansfield guitars. My father bought me a used model W65D acoustic about 30 years ago, as my first guitar. Still have it, and have never seen or heard of another one.

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Re: Mansfield Guitars

My father also bought one about 30 years ago but the serial # and model # are missing from inside the sound hole. I have never seen another like it. It resembles the Gibson Jumbo body. Do you have pics of yours? If so could you email them? Thanks. LR

your 695 is make by ibanes

your 695 is make by ibanes japan, 1971 by hoshino gakki. i have the same.

Re: Mansfield Guitars

: I too would appreciate any information on Mansfield guitars. My father bought me a used model W65D acoustic about 30 years ago, as my first guitar. Still have it, and have never seen or heard of another one.

I have a Mansfield 695 and its pretty old also. I don't know much about the company that made them. If you found a website tthat has, please pass on the info.

Re: Mansfield Guitars

A friend gave me a mansfield. I play since 4 years and never heard anything about those guitars exept it sound nice. I spend 2000$ on a new electric guitar prefer playing on the mansfield classic guitar. As you I would really like to know anything about those guitars. I don't know if it's something special but I just enjoy it so much.

Re: Mansfield Guitars

now I know it's a japanese guitar, my model is C 128. A review on a SG copy is made on i dont remember wich guitar web site. The man bought his in 1973 so I guess we're not able to find any official website due to the fact that the company dosent exist anymore... I'll continue searching...

mansfield guiters

I bought 1 today 50 bucks but 1 hope to sell it for 700,00 new tuners a bit of a tuneup new strings and a nice varnish well maybe 1400.00 from what I Found out today that gibson had shut the factory down bought them out or something like that because the have the same style and made like the gibson j45 and that's my 5 cents worth thks ike

Mansfield guitar

It is worth a lot more than you think. Hand made guitar. Watch the first episode of mash he plays the same guitar in the end. It was designed after the Gibson small body small neck and plays so sweet. Get an estimate because it is worth a lot in good shape original if you have the old tuners. No varnish please keep it as is big$$$$$$$$

Mansfield guitar

Watch the first episode of mash Tv series. The same guiter is played. If you have a sun burst design and it is the size of a Gibson small body. Could be worth some money in good shape. They are a hand made guitar.

Re: Mansfield Guitars

It is very difficult to get accurate information about mansfield guitars.
I have been searching about Mansfield guitars origin for quite a while and I recently found very interesting information about this guitar brand. Mansfield was a canadian musical instrument distributor (you will note that most Mansfield owners are in Canada). The Mansfield guitars are OEM made from different musical instruments manufacturers. Recently purchased Mansfield guitars have no special interest, but in the 1970's , the Mansfield guitars were builded by Hoshino Gakki (Japan), the Ibanez makers. If you have a 1970's Mansfield, chances are that it an Ibanez with a Mansfield name on it. The Ibanez vintage guitars are highly wanted.
You can search Ibanez vintage collector websites for more information about the Ibanez story and some information about mansfield. There is no doubt that those guitars are meant to become collector's items because they are apparently the same guitars as the Ibanez vintage 1970s, except for the brand. I will try to start a Mansfield Guitars post in one of the Ibanez collector's website in order to have their historical value recognized, and maybe create a database of the Hoshino made Mansfield models. Meanwhile, take very good care of your old Mansfield guitars!!!
I have a Mansfield FJH4 (Gibson Hummingbird copy Ibanez made)
I am posting this message on all the Mansfield Guitar discussions at hoping it will answer some of the questions about this brand.

F338H guitar Mansfield hummingbird

someone knows something about this guitar please informme

Mansfield Hummingbird guitar

I purchased a used Mansfield Hummingbird in 1976.
I have long thought it to be an Ibanez instrument based on information from various websites. While Ibanez may have supplied many of the Mansfield guitars, I believe my Hummingbird was made by the Kiso Suzuki company in Japan.
My Mansfield appears to be identical to the Suzuki Hummingbird that can be seen on various websites. Note the unique "zero fret" under the nut. This was not used by Ibanez or Gibson (at least I could not find any evidence that it was) and given the similarities of the Suzuki and the Mansfield this is almost certainly a Suzuki Hummingbird.
Notice in the Mansfield 1975 catalogue (search for Mansfield guitars) that there are two Hummingbirds shown - one with the zero fret and one without. The one without the zero fret seems to be a more accurate copy and is probably the Ibanez Hummingbird.

Masfield SG Copy

Hello I have a mansfield SG copy. The guitar I have owned for 40 years that my father had bought for me. The guitar is in mint condition. Does anyone know what its worth?

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