Musicians Beware of the Venezuelan Musicologist SCAM!!!

Posted by Jan Ryan on Wed, 01/14/04 - 10:28:15.

Hi there,
It seems that lots of us musicians may have already or will eventually receive an email from a person calling themselves "Reinaldo Javier Sanchez".

This person claims to be a female musicologist and researcher, Ph.D., M.Sc. They go on to say that they're a professor of rock and pop music history at a university in Venezuela and that they'd like you to help them out by sending them a bunch of your cd's to be used for research purposes for their students of rock music.... YEAH SURE!!!

Beware!! This is a scam designed to make a quick fact lots of bucks!!

These people are possibly making somewhere in the region of $US 10,000 a year from this little scam...simply by selling the artist's cd on the black market and various music stalls etc as soon as it arrives in their mailbox....and it's costing them absolutely nothing to do this!! As it's trusting and gullible musicians like us who are graciously and through the kindness of our own hearts sending it to them (all postage paid!!) in the honest belief that they're actually interested in the music and using it for research purposes...for university students no less!

I have now received this email around 5 times...a couple of times with a different (scanned photo) of the supposed female musicologist and researcher, Ph.D., M.Sc... blah blah blah ...Once with the same photo.. but a different person!!

I haven't actually fallen for this one myself.... but it makes me mad as hell and I thought it's about time something should be done about it, as the life of a muso can already be hard enough, just having to deal with all the liars, ripoffs, conmen and shit talkers out there who have always freely operated within and will forever continue to clutter up our industry!! Some of us seem to attract these creeps like moths to a light bulb!!


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Opera singer Dan Paul Dumitrescu

Hi you all there, I got the same SCAM from the same person as being this time a musicologist, willing to teach his "thursty" students for classicla music and opera ome of my roster artists voice tecnique. Thanks to you I am protected now to not send to this person our CD.
I hope that others are smart enough to search in the net for this name
Thank you all again

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Reynaldo Sanchez

Thank you for bringing this up. I received the email twice, the first time I did not react, the second one I googled the name and found your site with the warning. They are defenately interested in everything - in my case it's baroque violin recordings... looks quite strange though as they are not naming any university or institute by name.

Its not just music people

Its not just music people being scammed - i am a film maker and i have had MSc. Reinaldo J. Sanchez. - write to me 3 times and ask for some DVDS. Of course, I would not have sent them anyway - (it would cost me too much) but a google search of their name bought me here - so thanks for confirming it IS a scam. I hope others also check it out before sending off their cds, or DVDs. All the best


I'm a filmmaker and just received a request by this person for my dvd film.
this is the second time he writes me. The first time was three years ago and I asked him where he had heard of my movie and he didn't reply so I ignored him.


I also received this request to send my dvd's for his film class at God knows what college or University. If someone was that interested in my work I'd be amazed.
SCAM don't buy into it.

still active...

today I received this email, "ordering" 3 of my CDs... Interesting business model.
Thanks for warning me!

still active...

today I received this email, "ordering" 3 of my CDs... Interesting business model.
Thanks for warning me!

Not just music and film

Musicologist and professor of "Keyboard Instruments" (his/her italics) Reinaldo J. Sanchez also sent me a request asking for a recently released cd of 19th century Polish piano music. Not something that would be very popular in Barinas, I would have thought. 'Prof. Sanchez' does seem to have eclectic tastes, though, a google search shows that he asks for books as well..
Thank you for the posting about this scam

Reinaldo J. Sanchez

It seems Reinaldo J. Sanchez is also interested in contemporary orchestral music by New Zealand composers. He (she?) contacted the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra yesterday asking for a donation of several CDs. Prof. Sanchez has been sending begging emails of this kind since at least 2001, sometimes claiming to be a Professor of History (asking for postage stamps, coins or books), sometimes a Professor of Education, on one occasion a Professor of History of Opera. I'm not sure whether he/she is trying to make money or is just an opportunist collector with wide-ranging interests. Same PO Box number for the past 13 years.

Reynaldo J. Sanchez

Hello everyone,

I work at a film production company and I received an email via our website from this same 'person' (this time claiming "I am professor of "Films & Filmmaking" at local university´s school of cinema." - and gave no credentials or university name, and he even used quotation marks on Films and Filmmaking!) He asked for us to send him a DVD of one of our films for his students as they are studying the director (he is not a well known director and this was his first film!). What a chancer. No doubt planning to rip the DVD and make money off our film. This website is the first entry that came up when I searched his name. Thanks for putting this page up here so others don't fall prey to this pathetic scam.

the same for me!!!

hello everyone!
Thanks a lot to comment this scam! I received the same message just now but this time Reynaldo is interested in Baroque Music to do a project about my work with his students! How can we block this felon people?
Here you see his email address and message:
[email protected]

Dear ......

I am Musicologist and professor of "Vocal Music"
at local School of Music.
I would like to know if you can send as donation
(by Postal Service) the following Recordings:
These Recordings will be used in a project with
my students based on the study of Vocal Music
performed by ..(my name).

If you wish to help, the postal address is:

Professor. Reynaldo J. Sánchez.
Municipio Barinas. C.P. 5201.
(Apartado Postal 90). Estado Barinas.
República Bolivariana de Venezuela.
(South America)

Best Regards,

The same scammer now wants a free psychic reading

Hello guys & gals
I did receive an email from this scammer requesting a free tarot reading; I am a sorcerer and medium of High Spirits and Entities, and I've got a website and promote myself in Spain and Mexico and I do offer free readings (30 mins) and this guy sent me the following email on 5th February 2015:

Hola, le escribo para que me guíe y me dé claridad
acerca de una mujer de la cual tengo dudas e incertidumbres.

Yo soy profesor universitario y ella es mi alumna.
Ella y yo nos conocemos desde octubre del año 2014.

Pero, desde enero de este año 2015, ella me ha denotado
una conducta como si estuviera enamorada de mí,
pero no sé si es algo real o es sólo mi imaginación.

Su nombre es: Karla Andreina Briceño Ramírez .
Ella nació el 8 de marzo de 1988.
Ella vive en la ciudad de Barinas, Venezuela.

Mi nombre es: Reinaldo Javier Sánchez.
Yo nací el 26 de septiembre de 1971.
Yo vivo en la ciudad de Barinas, Venezuela.

And I responded on the 6th:
Hola Reinado, donde viste mi anunció?
Necesito foto tuya reciente y foto de ella también reciente, que no estén usando gafas ni lentes oscuros es decir que yo les pueda ver los ojos y que tengas una cuenta en skype para que yo te pueda atender de viva voz porque yo no hago consultas por correo y que nos pongamos de acuerdo porque ahora estoy en Madrid por la diferencia de horarios ok

For the ones who don't know Spanish, in his email, the scammer is saying something like:

Hello I'm writing to you seeking for your guidance and wisdom about a woman and the recent doubts and uncertainties I hace been feeling.

I am a professor in a university and she's muy student, we know each other since October 2014, but since January 2015, I have a feeling that she may have fallen in love with me, but I'm not sure if it is my imagination or something else.

Her name is......
Her dob is...
She lives in....

My name is...
I was born on....
I live in..,

Translation of my response:
Hello Reynaldo! Where did you see my ad? I need a recent photograph or both or you, preferably with no sunglasses so that I can see your eyes, and I need you to have a skype account because I don't consult anyone thru email and since I'm located in Madrid, Spain we have to find the best time to talk since we are in different time zones.

While I was writing back to him I smelled something fishy, gosh I'm a psychic and then perform a google search and voila

The same scammer now lectures on Classical Literature

Hii everybody,
I have received a similar email from this would-be lecturer of Literature with the request to be send one book I wrote on Horace and his work.
Thank you all for the warning against these new kind of crooks.

Bingo, me too...

I received a request from this individual for two of my books. He stated that he's a high school literature 'professor,' and that he needs the books to teach his students...

I'm a violinist and just

I'm a violinist and just received an email like this requesting a copy of my recent Bach CD ... I'm still trying to puzzle out what the motivation is! Perhaps a cultural appreciator who doesn't have money for books themself? They are odd things to re-sell! In any case, I've found a nice work-around: my CD is streamable for free on bandcamp and so I've directed them and their students there! May they enjoy listening!
And thank you for the post here, this was helpful.

Thanks a lot!!

I've received an email from the same person, stating that be is a professor for film and would like to show his students my movie. Good to know it's a scam!!!

Thanks for the information!

I'm a university professor and have just received a e-mail from this same person (apparently!!!) asking me to provide local postal stamps to use with his students. Thanks for enlightening me!

My heart went out to him, thanks for this

I got the email last month asking for three of my piano recordings. He said he was a "musicologist, professor of keyboard instruments at local School of Music." I couldn't stop thinking about him and wanted to help. Then googled him to find this page and others. Thank you for saving me from this.

changed profession from musician to astronomer

Thanks for the postings - I received an e-mail making similar request except this time for books and things astronomical for students to study.

Changed to graphic and arts

Dear ....

I am professor of "Art & Design" at high school.

I would like to know if you can send as donation
(using Postal Service) some postage stamps
designed by ....

These postage stamps will be used, with students,
in order to study the philatelic illustration design
made by ....

If you wish to help, the postal address is:

Docente, Reynaldo J. Sanchez.
(Apartado Postal 90). Parroquia Barinas.
Municipio Barinas. Estado Barinas.
Republica de Venezuela.(South America)

..even interested in Stamps!

Mr. ...

I am professor of "Art & Design" at high school.

I would like to know if you can send by postal service:
postage stamps designed by .....

These stamps will be used, with students, in order to
study the designs and illustrations.

If you wish to help, the postal address is:

Docente, Reynaldo J. Sanchez.
(Apartado Postal 90). Parroquia Barinas.
Municipio Barinas. 5201. Estado Barinas.
Republica de Venezuela.(South America)

yes, stamps, mail today

yes, today my research also brought me here.
IL DOCENTE also requesting my stamp design, so THANKS for this site

What about Earth Sciences?

I received the email below a week ago. I take care of an astronomical observatory in the US.

Reynaldo is teaching so many things... ;)

Thanks for the posts. Definitely helpful!


I would like to know if you are able to send me
(by Postal Service) books, magazines, brochures
related to the L.B.T.O.

This item / material will be used, with my students,
in order to study it at classroom.

If you wish to help, the postal address is:

Professor Reinaldo J. Sanchez.
(Apartado 90).Parroquia Barinas.
Municipio Barinas.Estado Barinas.
C.P. 5201.Republica de Venezuela.
(South America)

I received this email too,

I received this email too, he was interested in Classical Literaure, at first I felt compassion (because of the present state of Venezuela) and thought to send him the books, but then I found your website and discovered this was nothing else than a scam.


This time Reynaldo Sanchez was interested to organ music.
He says to be a musicologist...

Here is the latest one

Dear Staff of ... I am musicologist of Vocal Pedagogy at localinstitute of music. I would like to know if you can send as a donation(using post-office) the CD-Recording ....This CD will be listened by students, in order tostudy about Vocal performance by ... If you wish to help, the postal address is:Miss, Karla Andreina Briceno / OLY STUDIOS.Avenida Olmediya entre Carvajal y Camejo.Municipio Barinas. Estado Barinas. C.P. 5201.Republica de Venezuela. (Amerique du Sud)

Reynaldo Sanchez

Hi, I just received an e-mail from docente Renaldo Sanchez asking about my orchestra's chamber music CD. He wants to teach his or her university students about chamber music, so he asked me to send a free CD. I thought it was strange that he did not mention the name of his Venezuelan university. There is so much chaos there in Venezuela, that I thought I had better google him. Thank you so much for the warning. Now I can save my postage and our CD from being ripped off. He can't imagine what we went through to release our CD. We wanted to produce a CD of symphonic works, but the NEA did not give us a dime. So we had to release her chamber music CD instead. All of us pulled together to make it happen in 2012.

My commercial string quartet album of wedding music has already been pirated by a Canadian company, German company and a Japanese company. They bought one CD each and then they pirated it. They say they are selling used copies, like new on the internet, still in the wrapper. Then they put it on Amzon for one cent less than we sell it. My internet site was hacked, and they stole all of the downloads for this same album. No clue which country did this. So someone is probably selling the downloads now. We are talking about a Classical string quartet album!!! Not pop or rock. I figure these creeps are making way more money on my then I am. When your CD is selling in Japan as a rare item for 105 dollars, you know something is wrong.

Stay safe, and thanks!


I also recieved this message today mentioning they would like my clothing for a fashion research project. I am glad I googled, sad that people do this. Does anyone has fact that this is going for sales and not helping people? Just curious of the facts, thank you.

Still happening!

I received an email yesterday through my website from Reynaldo Sanchez asking for a donation of a CD - exactly the same wording as used above. I must admit, I hadn't thought of the piracy possibilities, so thanks everyone for the heads up!

I am musicologist of Vocal Pedagogy at local
institute of music.

I would like to know if you can send as donation
(using the post office) this CD-Recording :

The CD will be used, with students, in order to study
the Vocal performance by xxx.

If you wish to help, the postal address is:

Docente, Reynaldo Sanchez R.
(Apartado Postal 90). Municipio Barinas.
Paroquia Barinas. 5201. Estado Barinas.
Republica de Venezuela. South America

still sending requests?!? Oh yes!

received an email for three carefully picked recordings of mine. One not aavailable on spotify as it is a Hyperion (UK) recording. Strange and feeling it is a bit odd. What if the guy is someone who doesn't have money, but loves things like music and books? It is a bit of a dilemma. I am tempted to ask the truth via email and see what he/she comes up with. According to the reply I would act accordingly. But from a purely curiosity point of view I would like to discover who is behind this, if it is a business, or some desperate dude or something "more poetic" and not so pathetic as a scam.

Cheers anyway for posting your experiences.

new name same stuff

Just got a very similar mail, this time from a "Fanny Milena Macías Carvajal" (address [email protected]).
Guess it's the same stuff since the message is almost identical and again from Barinas Venezuela

Judging by this forum

Judging by this forum Reynaldo has been at it for quite some time and he's now become somewhat old fashioned! He asked me for a DVD of a film that can already be downloaded illegally quite easily - so what's the idea? Where's the scam?

Is it only the first step in a larger scam? Does he stay in contact with you, with more flattery, then ask for small donations? Getting one free DVD can't be the end of it, can it?

Would be curious to know if anyone heard back from them after sending material.

Here's what I got:

I am professor of Film Studies at local school
of cinema.

I would like to know if you can send as donation
(using the postal service) this DVD--Film: XXX

The DVD will be watched by students in order to study
about the Film-Directing by XXX.

If you wish to help, the postal address is:

Docente, Reynaldo Sanchez R.
Apartado Postal 90 / Calle 5 de julio, n. 2--22.
Municipio Barinas. Parokia Barinas 5201.
Estado Barinas. Republica de Venezuela.
(South America)

Another Reynaldo Scam

Dear Friends,

I am a professor at a local high school.

I would like to know if you can send me
(by airmail) some old postage stamps.

These stamps will be intended for
educational training to learn history,
science and culture worldwide.

If you wish to help, the postal address is:

Prof. Reynaldo Sanchez R.
(Apartado Postal 90) Municipio Barinas.
Parroquia Barinas, 5201. Estado Barinas.
Republica de Venezuela. (South America)

Just to let you know that

Just to let you know that it's still an issue - we've received a request for CDs today and I luckily found this site. Thanks for sharing!

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