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Posted by John on Tue, 01/27/04 - 00:48:20.

Does anyone know anything about the Seville brand of guitars? I have an S-32 model and have no knowledge about it whatsoever other than it was made in Korea. I love this guitar, it is probably the best sounding guitar I've ever played. If someone has any info on these guitars, please let me know.

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Re: Seville Guitars

I have a S-30 myself, cint find nothing on it. Sucks. Maybe try the library? or you local music store, its what im going to do. dont they sound great?

: Does anyone know anything about the Seville brand of guitars? I have an S-32 model and have no knowledge about it whatsoever other than it was made in Korea. I love this guitar, it is probably the best sounding guitar I've ever played. If someone has any info on these guitars, please let me know.

Re: Seville Guitars

: I have a S-13-2 12 string that phays sweet all the way up the fret. Amazing little guitar. I have no idea about the price range or anything she was a gift from a frind after being away from playing for years. I just got on the net to find out more and you were my first hit. Hope we find out more.


CT <><

Re: Seville Guitars

: Does anyone know anything about the Seville brand of guitars? I have an S-32 model and have no knowledge about it whatsoever other than it was made in Korea. I love this guitar, it is probably the best sounding guitar I've ever played. If someone has any info on these guitars, please let me know.

Actually I had a (Seville) Les Paul copy which turned out to be a Pearl, Yep just like the Pearl drums, same company. What happened was that as I was sanding the headstocks cheesey Seville logo lightly, and right underneath was the original Pearl logo. Now the Pearl guitars were all early to mid seventies copies of Gibsons and were Japanese made. These were very high quality copies as good or in some cases better than the real thing. Gibson sued all the Japanese companies, Tokai, Pearl etc. for copyright infringement. My guess is that possibly Samick or some other generic Korean guitar company bought the stock of Pearl guitars and slapped a coat of black lacquer over the original logo and put their psuedo logo Seville after the unliscensed guitar operations had to shutdown in Japan. I never would have found this out had I not decided to refinish that old Seville. There are closeup pictures of a Pearl Les Paul on this forum some where and I compared it to mine, a dead match in every way, so mines the real thing. I'm not saying every Seville might be a Pearl in disguise, but it is quite possible. The Pearl guitars are sweet and extremely rare, it's kinda like the golden ticket in the Willy Wonka movie you know. I'm surfing the net to find other Seville Les Pauls to buy, who knows I could be on to a pretty good vintage discovery. It's an odd-ball case no doubt. Honestly I always thought my Les Paul was almost too high quality to be some Korean piece of junk. Korean axes are way better today then they were in the seventies though. Good luck and lightly sand off that Seville logo if you dare.

info on Seville S-17?

ive heard alot of comments on the S-13s and the S-32s but i've yet to hear any info on the S-17. If anyone finds any info while searching please let me know. thank you!

I have a seville s-30 . I got it for christmas back in the 70's

Any info on its value. It has been in its case. Its still in really good condition

Question @ Seville Model ST 7

I spotted a Seville Model ST 7 Guitar that I am interested in buying. It says Serial number 2157, made in West Germany on label inside and then marked Presto Music in Tampa. This doesn't seem to fit with what I am finding. Any ideas?

Sevilla West Germany guitar

I am looking at one today and it has the very same label as yours you described. Presto Music out of Tampa, FL - strange. The one I am looking at, instead of your normal bridge and saddle combined has the metal brace thing on the end of the sound body which then attaches the strings and then a floating bridge.

S22G Seville

S22G is my dreadnaught model labeled as made in Korea. It is comparable to ~$500 Martin in terms of quality of construction, tone, over-tones, volume and with a composite top at that! It is my 2nd favorite after my Taylor 714. I paid $38 with a damaged top. $ for $, absolutely the best buy ever.

I too would like info. Should we form a club?

Seville Guitar Question

Recently been given a Seville steel string acoustic guitar. Can anybody tell me anything about it? It has a great scratch plate with a humming bird on it drinking out of a flower, not machine heads it has old style string wind up. Inside the guitar it says: Model number WJ500 Made in Korea.

Seville guitar

Did u ever find out anything on the guitar. I found one with model 401SRS

interested in finding out the value of my Seville S13 model

I bought my Seville guitar from a friend back at the end of the nineties for one hundred dollars, I wanted to find out if Seville value goes up with age or down over time.
And if it goes up how much, the box is in pretty good shape for being played as much as I have played it, I know that it has great sound I use brass wound strings on it, because I find that they last longer than the thin ones.
And when I am playing guitar with others, they tell me that they can hear my guitar very well, even when I am playing with other guitars.
I saw this Seville S13 online the only difference was the neck was a lighter color than mine, and the back was lighter as well.
But other than the color they looked exactly a like, the string keys are chrome the old style wind up/

Seville S-32

I bought an acoustic Seville-32, made in Korea, back in 1996 in a garage sale with the hard case in Monterey California. Now living in Indonesia, without special maintenance and I constantly playing it, I found the guitar is just like when I first bought it 20 years ago. I don't even know how old that guitar when I bought it in the garage sale. Very interested to find out more about it.

seville acoustic guitar

I have two seville acoustics as well as a small collection of various acoustics. One is the S-13 and the other is a S335. I was reading on the internet and someone said the S-13 is suppose to be the high end model and it was worth 900-1300. I doubt very much if this is true because comparing both guitars, the S335 is better! It has a semi V neck and sound wise projects a more vibrant tone compared to the S-13. They are both plain jane guitars. Nothing special about them. I would be careful what you read on the internet. And don't believe everything that is written and said. Someone even said it was better than the Martin, Taylors and who knows. Better than Gibson? I don't think so. I think the person who said it was rare, valuable, etc..etc was just trying to elude the public so he can sell his seville guitar for a high price. They are not high end and are not made of exotic woods. They are all laminate guitars and probably plywood. Only true thing about them is they are old. But be carefule like I said, old guitars suffer from lifting bridges and often need a neck reset. This may not be worth the expense since neck resets are expensive and often exceed the value of the guitar! Best to go to Guitar Center and get a good quality guitar that's playable! Fender, yamaha, epiphones with a soild top and good action! Whats important is a guitar is playable and enjoyed! Rock on folks!

Seville LP

I inherited a mid 70s Seville Les paul copy, its bolt on with bound fet board two maxon humbuckers a single volume tone and 3 way switch
The body and neck is brazillian rosewood, it is VERY heavy and dense, but only 1/2 - 3/4 the body depth of a traditional LP.
The routing caviry in the front of the body has a matsumoko gakki symbol in it
So made in japan, lawsuit era.
Anyone else

Seville LP

Motherfuzzer I have the exact same guitar but without binding. Can you email me? It's my handle @gmail

Seville s9n

Does anyone know about an S9N its from the 1970's how can i fin# out how much its worth?

Seville Guitar

I have a Seville Model #MJ110. Made in Korea. I can’t find any info on line what this guitar would cost. Anybody have any insight maybe? Thanks!!

Seville or Sevilla

I found that there are 2 different brands (?), one is SEVILLE and other is SEVILLA. I was just looking at some SEVILLA S012 acoustic guitar at local posts and tried to find some info about it, when I stumbled on this article (among other information on the internet). It looks like SEVILLE is a law suit era Japanese company, while SEVILLA is god knows what.... It still is very nice looking guitar, but I can see that it is only mahogany and spruce veneer glued on top of who knows which wood... So, just wanted to share this info...

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