SHIRO Guitar ...What is it?

Posted by Steve Kline on Wed, 11/22/00 - 03:12:22.

I recently purchased a SHIRO neck through guitar which seems to be an attemp to blend a strat with an SG. It plays and sound great which is why I bought it but I know nothing about the maker other than they are probably Japanese. Can anyone fill me in?

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Re: SHIRO Guitar ...What is it?

i don't know anything about the guitars, but i recently had a birthday, and one of my friend's cousin had an old Shiro guitar, and he talked to his cousin about it and his cousin told him he could have it, and he gave it to me for my birthday, and I was wondering what the quality was, and if maybe it was worth anything. It looks like a Les Paul style body, as well as the neck and the head, and it sounds nice too, although there is something messed up with the wiring/pickups and static is constantly coming out of the amp. If anyone can tell me something about the guitar and the company, I would be much appreciative. Feel free to E-Mail me.


Re: SHIRO Guitar ...What is it?

In the past i owned a new shiro guitar Les Paul style.
It was made in japan and come with Di Marzio pickups( top of game).
This guitar sounds so nice and had a good action but...
the neck was bad and the intonation imposible(I live in Galicia Spain and we have a very wet weather). In about ten years, the truss rod was in the maximum adjustement. Another problem with this guitar was the static like you says. A good luthier give me the solution rewiring the circuit and changing the pots and the selector. After i bought a noise gate and the situation gets better. Finally i sell this guitar when i buy a new Telecaster.

Re: SHIRO Guitar ...What is it?

I bought a Shiro guitar in 1986 or 1987. It is an acoustic. Natural wood and dark brown on sides and back. Is in near new condition although I know nothing about the company. It sounds and plays really well! I was hoping to find out something about them.

Re: SHIRO Guitar ...What is it?

I have a mid 1970 Shiro bass.$500.00 when new. It is outsanding in detail and quality except that one of my kids lost a bolt on the bridge. That messed it all up and I had to put a Fender bridge on it and now it is a little off. Two sets plastic covered pickups. Bolt on neck, 5 piece body, rosewood fretboard,maple and cherry body, numerous conrol knobs. I have been searching for years for information about Shiro also.I have had a few electronic problems, buzzing and so on but taking the bacplate pff and looking at it seems to help. It plays well loud and has a full range of sounds.

Shiro Acoustic 1975?

I have a completely Acoustic Shiro Guitar, and I have owned it since 1976-77. Serial number 9210.
I'm not familiar with the history or the worth. It still gets played all of the time.
It's not for sale, but I would like to know more about it.........any insight would be appreciated.
Have a multi dimensional day!
The Gremlyn

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