Has any one heard of a Rockson guitar?

Posted by bob on Thu, 01/29/04 - 13:44:18.

I was browsing shops looking for guitars when i found this,http://www.machinehead.co.uk/images/rocksonlg.jpg
i know that Rockson are a Japanese company that make cables and pedals but i don't know what they arelike for guitars. Does any one know if they are any good?

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Re: Has any one heard of a Rockson guitar?

: i have an old rockson long scale 4-string bass thats
been in my possesion for about 10yrs. it plays well,
but (sorry)don't have any manufacturing info.

Re: Has any one heard of a Rockson guitar?

Rockson Effects - 803-763-9083 They make mostly guitar effects boxes and amps. Don't know if the number is still good.

Re: Has any one heard of a Rockson guitar?

My son has just acquired a rockson telecaster. The body is in plain white and at some point in its life it has been signed by Mojo Buford the blues harmonica player. Any info on where and when these guitars were made would be much appreciated

Re: Has any one heard of a Rockson guitar?

I'm a left handed player.I had a horrible sounding Epiphone with no pick up. My friend had this cheap broken guitar that had a nice tone.So I sold my Epiphone for $180.00 fixed up the Rockson acoustic and put in a pick up with my Epiphone money. Was the tone on my Rockson by chance? I may never know because no one has cheap guitars named Rockson at least not in my neighborhood.

Re: Has any one heard of a Rockson guitar?

oh yeah.. i do have that rockson guitar. model SG black SG, well it sounds not too good.. but a have this ax1000 so the effect can reduce the noise

Re: Has any one heard of a Rockson guitar?

I have one in hungary. Tihs is twenty years old.

Re: Has any one heard of a Rockson guitar?

my friend has an old rockson "heavy metal" style guitar it's not too well set up but it sounds good (maybe it's the shadow pickup)....

Re: Has any one heard of a Rockson guitar?

Hey confused people, i spoke to an expert at Rockson, he told me that my telecaster is worth buttons and said I should use it as a parts guitar, seeing as the neck is shattered i'll have to buy a new one....

Re: Has any one heard of a Rockson guitar?

i had a rockson strat hss guitar which i bought about 15 years ago. cost about us$200 with hard case! great first decent guitar. a few years after i bought it, i changed the humbucker with a dimarzio super distortion pick ups which did not make much diffs. went through many gigs with it and even recorded several songs in the studio. miss it eversince i gave to my nephew. dont think they make rockson guitars anymore...pity.

Re: Has any one heard of a Rockson guitar?

I live in russia and bought Rockson By Jack & Denny, very nice gtr for me. Playing thrash metal, sounds good. But some of my friends laught at me, because it`s cheap.

'Rockson Guitar'

Just for the fun of sharing - I live in Denmark - my wife's auntie and husband wanted me to have their son's western guitar, a 'Rockson model RW-16', since I still play an he doesn't - I guess I would also have stopped, if this had been my instrument - I think it sounds awful - I like the looks of it, though, so I'll just stick it on the wall with my other guitars....

rockson guitar

i have a 1992 Rockson SG model.. my luthier said it was made from mahogany body, maple neck and rosewood fretboards.. sounds awful when i bought it,(second hand) and lots of electronically broken.. so i change with schaller tuner,bone nut, original gibson bridge and SH2 & SH4 humbuckers, ernie ball strings..now this is my most favorite guitar during recording and stage,( other than my real strat n real gibson).. some how,sounds really fit in my ears n my music, especially after this 20 years..

i still didnt know from where this guitar was made,some say it's china, some say Indonesia... actually i didnt give a damn where this made from..it fits me now :D

I have an acoustic nylon

I have an acoustic nylon stringed Rockson guitar, bought it 10 years ago for around $80. I actually chose it because it sounds much better than Yamaha at the same price. Not only the sound quality, the build quality is also so much better. It is cheap but certainly not a bad guitar. I never knew it was Japanese, I thought it was Chinese made.


I just bought a electric strat style for 5 dollars at a yard sell was in an Epi soft case I figure the case was worth $5.
But I want to restore it lots of parts missing but like the one guy said it would good on the wall of my music room if nothing else

rockson j&d st Vintage deluxe MN SB

First I bought a j&d ST Rock of 70 euro which I had to return due a defect. As a replacement the above mentioned one. I ' m trying, don't laugh, a service manual for it, nut maybe it is not necessary to do so. There is enough info on the net in order to have it serviced. The machine is not Rolls Royce Fender or G&L but it satisfies my musical appetite, I don't have to use it for professional purposes. It is just dun to play on it, that's all folks


Which electro acoustik guitar do you prefer for bigginers?

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