Marshall 1960A and 1960B - resonate/buzz

Posted by Stephen Lim on Fri, 02/20/04 - 01:25:31.

My Marshall 1960A & B cabinets buzz around lower C, B and B-flat notes at high volumes. Have turned down the bass, but can still feel and see the resonance from the back of the cabinets. Have tried three JCM2000 and Laney valve amplifiers hooked up to them, also with three different guitars - same resonance/buzz at those notes. Have also tried the cabinets in a very large room. Have used recorded music, still buzzes around certain low frequency notes (C, B and B-flat).
Can anyone please help with a diagnosis?

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Re: Marshall 1960A and 1960B - resonate/buzz

Well my guess is your playing such a low note that the speakers are vibrating like hurricanes..... might not be a fix for it unless youve blown the speakers.... what watt ratings are they? are they 25's 30's or 75's?

Re: Marshall 1960A and 1960B - resonate/buzz

get the backs off of them, get your screwdriver out and tighten up every screw you can see,even the castor wheelsbut if the buzz is staying there at low volumes then it looks like a speaker has blown, might only be one out of the four, you can easily get the celestion replacements.


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