11th, 12th, and 13th fret sound the same

Posted by Jess on Sun, 02/22/04 - 17:43:24.

The 11th, 12th, and 13th fret on the high e string of my guitar all sound the same...it's really weird. i tried changing the strings to see if that would help, but it didnt. i heard getting the neck realigned might help. does anyone have any ideas?

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Re: 11th, 12th, and 13th fret sound the same

If you have an adjustable bridge.check the height of your action. adjust the bridge to raise it on the high e side of the bridge.If the bridge is not adjustable as in a flat top acoustic then the neck truss rod may need adjusting. Take a straightedge and lay it across the frets on the neck and see if there are low spots where the straight edge is not touching the frets,here should be a slight bow in the neck with about 3mm height from fretboard to bottom of string at the 12th fret.If the height is more than that,the neck could be bowed up in relation to where it meets the guitar body.Loosen the strings or remove them and secure the guitar body to a table with the neck sticking out past the table.tie a weight to the end of neck and using the straight edge adjust the truss rod to adjust the neck. make slow adjustments and leave overnight before making each adjustment so as to allow the neck to bend.If yours is an expensive or favorite guitar it would be best to take it to a repair shop.Very good instructions at www.gtretschguitars.com, you will need Adobe pdf program ,free from Adobe.com th read and download instruction manual.Also free instructions at www.stewmac.com.

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