columbus guitars???

Posted by Neil on Mon, 02/23/04 - 12:36:45.

Can anyone tell anything about my columbus acoustic guitar, I have found a picture of a columbus les paul, but no web site for columbus acoutics. I know they stopped making these guitars years ago, but mine was made in the early 1970's and I believe that it might be worth something.

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Re: columbus guitars???

I have also just come across a Columbus, mine is a strat copy, I have no idea of age. Can anyone help?

Photo @

Are these good guitars?

Re: columbus guitars???

Sorry that address was wrong....

Re: columbus guitars???

Colombus are sorry to say pretty awful guitars, i think you will see they are made of odd bits of block board, plywood, driftwood and anything else they found lying around on the forest floor, they used to use them for smashing up in old music videos til they discovered people were rolling around the floor laughing at the name on the headstock! nobody owns up to owning one either, so if you do have one do what all my friends did, bury it in the back garden and never mention that name again... sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Re: columbus guitars???

Lee mate, you are wrong. My columbus arrived and it sounds mint, is a dream to play and has a solid body. The neck does not wobble and the whole thing seems sound.
I have since found out that they were a 70's fender and gibson rip off. Noone made bad guitars in the 70's. FACT. Compared to a modern day copy eg. squire, encore etc. the columbus I have is great and I am heppy to have paid only £90 for it!

Re: columbus guitars???

Rob, im glad you like your colombus, maybe only the good ones survived, maybe yours is a one off, but the vast majority are absolute rubbish, you get what you pay for, in my opinion £90 is too much, ditch the colombus and get yourself something decent, think about what other guitarists are thinking when you unzip the gig bag (or bin liner) and pull that wobbly necked, dull pick ups, shoddy standard 70's has been out of the bag.
if you realy cant afford the real thing get yourself a Tokai.

Re: columbus guitars???

well i nicked by columus from an old friend and am not gonna give it back.. well, thats y i looked at theese reviws and some say there good sum say there bad. id say it plays the notes you want it to play and if they use them to smash up, i can have a laugh nxt gig! craig

Re: columbus guitars???

I can't believe anyone can stick up for this ugly little mongrel of a "guitar". Very poor copy. Good peice of chipboard, though.

Re: columbus guitars???

ohh, ppl with columbus guitars, you are going to love this!, i was doing some asking around and i found out`tht columbus was actually an "illegal" company, illegal as it basically did "rip off fender and gibson, e.g- copying the body, neck and headstock exactly, but this is the best bit, apparently before the factory that made them burned down mysteriously in the 70's, there were only around 200 made, so, im guessing they might be worth a fair bit!

Re: columbus guitars???

Hi guys,
Help! Have just been given a battered old Columbus jazz bass, and I need some parts for it- a scratchplate/ screws and some vol knobs. Any ideas at all where I could get them? Am having no luck on the Web so far. Would Fender parts do?

Re: columbus guitars???

My Columbus is typical japanese straightforward Fender Jazz Bass clone from the mid 70´s. 3-tone sunburst, tortoise pickguard, rosewood fingerboard, pearl block inlays, chrome pick up covers. Doesn´t play bad at all.

Re: columbus guitars???

well, i have a columbus les paul, sounds as good as the real thing, aint no sites fort them i think tho.

Re: columbus guitars???

I just picked one up for £30 (acoustic) and I reckon it's a nice looking guiter! (haven't played it yet, it's sat under my desk in a box) Especially next to me Encore and Tanglewood!!!!!!!!


I have a columbus huming bird copy and its beuatiful .The tone is outstanding and eveyonr wants to play it.I recemtly had it repaired and the luthier sis it was worth about £200 it was made in the seventies in Japan.Theywer very good at this time .I have also been lent a crest semi acoustic and my guitar playing buddy says its better than his Aria.

Columbus Guitar

The Columbus Acoustic Guitar is a model name of an early American Guitar building company named Lyon & Healey /Washburn The guitar is recognize able by a red double painted Rossetti with the same red pin strip around the binding edge on the top. Rosewood neck, back, sides, and braces.

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