Floyd Rose vs Tune-o-matic

Posted by Jonathan on Tue, 03/16/04 - 13:40:08.

which is better? i was looking into getting a les paul goth and you can get them in either tune-o-matic or floyd rose/whammy bar....which is better and why?

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Re: Floyd Rose vs Tune-o-matic

Depends on what your looking for. I'll list a couple pro cons.
If you use a whammy bar a lot or a little you'd want to get the floyd. It keeps the guitar in tune very well on a good guitar and it allows for dive bombs/whammy effects. The negatives are the strings break a little easier and its harder/takes longer to string.

If you don't use a whammy at all then you should get the tune-o-matic because it has no whammy bar and you can't bend strings using the bridge as a tremelo. It stays in tune farely well depending on the guitar its on and is fast and easy to tune. Cons are that you can't do any dive bombs/whammy effects and it doesn't have a locking nut to lock the strings in tune so it might go out of tune faster. Its the standard bridge on les pauls and several other guitars.

Hope that helps.

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