How do you intall an LSR roller nut?

Posted by DANA HARTWELL on Sat, 12/09/00 - 20:22:27.

I need help. I have an LSR roller nut I want to install on my strat, but I have no directions. It is obvious some wood needs to be removed, but from which side? the body side of the nut, or the head stock? Or is it is it suppose to sit somewhere between there? Can anyone help?


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Re: How do you intall an LSR roller nut?

There are two critical measurement for installing an LSR roller nut. (1) The distance from the CENTER of the balls on the nut to the CENTER of the first fret, and (2) the depth of the cutout, which determines the string height at the first fret. This measurement will also depend on fret height and desired action height (personal preference).

One means of getting these distances is to measure them, with a precision caliper, on a guiter in the fender store. Then, dupilicate them on your guitar.

There are variations in nut dimensions and fret widths, so be sure you measure from the CENTER of the balls and first fret for measurement (1).

From there, you will need to make measurements of your nut to determine the cutout dimensions for the nut.

If this sounds complicated, then it would be best to take it to your local luthier. Beware, though, that it is not recommended that you take it so someone that has not installed one before. Even experienced professionals screw up thier first attemts at such installations. I know! I have been the unlucky customer of such screw ups all too many times. If your local professional had not done it before, find someone who has.

Good luck! You will love the LSR nut! It is, by far, the best modification to the strat since SRV's use of a left hand tremelo on a right hand strat!


Re: How do you intall an LSR roller nut?

heyyyy, i think i can help ya... email me at [email protected] or IM me if you have screenname is stev067. ttul ~steve

Fender LSR but instruction

You will get the original Fender instruction by going to this link :

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