Wide neck guitars

Posted by Tim on Mon, 03/29/04 - 02:13:48.

Need help..I am a senior beginner trying to learn guitar. The strings on the guitar I bought are very close together. I am about to give up. Are all guitars this way. I have been playing for about 2 monthe and I can't play chords because the strings are very narrow. Any help would be appreciated...TIA

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Re: Wide neck guitars

wider necks tend to be on classical nylon strung guitars, i played a collings steel string the other day, it had awide neck but costs, there must be a lot of wider neck guitars out there.

Re: Wide neck guitars

You didn't say what kind of guitar you are playing: acoustic? electric? classical? Classical (nylon string) guitars are the widest necks you are going to find. If you want a wide neck steel string acoustic you could try the Seagull line. I have one and I love it. The red Cedar top is very responsive for fingerpicking and blues.
As far as electrics go, you can buy a new, wider neck for an existing Fender. And some brands can be custom ordered with a wider neck.
Another option would be to buy a 12-string guitar in a brand you like, and have a guitar shop fit it with a 6-string nut and possibly rework the bridge. Or you could simply play the guitar minus the smaller strings.

Don't give up on such a rewarding instrument. There is a way to find a comfortable fit for your hands. I have very wide fingertips and the Seagull worked for me.

Re: Wide neck guitars

Check out Marc Silber's guitars, assuming you are playing steel string. His guitars have a neck pretty much as wide as a classical guitar.



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