connecting external cabinet to an vox ac30

Posted by Henrik Petersen on Tue, 04/06/04 - 06:13:45.

Well how do I do this and at the same time keeping the totalt impedance at 16 ohms? Also there is only one jack output on my amp - are there any diagrams about this matter?
Regards Henrik

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Re: connecting external cabinet to an vox ac30

one note of caution, if you disconnect your 2 speakers from your vox make sure you have the amp switched off, never ever run a valve amp without speakers connected, you can do serious damage to the amp, if you want to connect a different cab to your vox amp then all you have to do is run a guitar type 1/4" jack from your amp to the cab, what type of cab are you connectcing to? and how many speakers? what impedence each speaker? and also how are the wired? series or paralell?

Re: connecting external cabinet to an vox ac30

Hey Lee - thanks

I was thinking about buying a extra cabinet - vox ad212. All together there would be 4 speakers (two in the ac30 - and two in the ad212) on 8 ohms each. The ac30 has two (8 ohms) serial connected speaker which gives 16 ohms alltogether. If I connect the external cabinet too, there will be 32 ohms if all speakers are serial connected or there will be 8 ohms alltogether if I parallel connect the new cabinet to the 1/4 jack. Hope this makes sense!?
I am wondering how to connect the extra cabinet insuring that the total impedance for all four speakers is 16 ohms - otherwise the amp might be damaged.

And I shall remeber your tip about not disconnecting while the amp is turned on!

Thanks again Henrik

Re: connecting external cabinet to an vox ac30

you cant connect 4 x 8ohm speakers and get a 16 ohm output, it would have to be an 8 ohm load, my understanding is never run an amp rated at 16 ohm output in to and 8ohm load, this is from memory, anyone else have any views on this? i wouldnt try it on my AC30.

Re: connecting external cabinet to an vox ac30

Dear Henrik Petersen

I saw on that you last year had a problem connecting a VOX cabinet AD 212 to an AC30. I have exact the same problem - and have not found the proper solution yet. Maybe you can help me with an advice telling me what you did? I have got different advice:
The first advice is to connect the two cabinets in parallel so you have an impedance of 8 Ohms
The second is to connect in serial so you have 32 Ohms.

My radio technician says that a valve amp designed for 16 Ohms does not suffer from connecting neither 8 or 32 Ohms speakers - the only result will be that you have a little less power output from the speakers. But that does not matter, because there is enough power in the Amp.

VOX Denmark (I am a Dane - maybe you are to?) on the contrary says, that I better use the serial connection as the amp will suffer if you connect speakers with less than 16 Ohms?

I don' know who to trust yet? - Have you found a solution to the problem? - Have you treid to connect the AD 212 in serial or parallel and what have you found out? Please contact me, and share your experiencies

Best Regards
Peter Aalykke
Flemming, Denmark

Re: connecting external cabinet to an vox ac30

I understand that. What I don´t understand is that VOX have this product called AD212 which is an extra cabinet that is supposed to be connected to a AC30!
Someone must have tried to do this before me. I mean - I have seen pictures of these together. On the vox page they say that one has to contact some technician to do it. weird!!!

Hope my search has an answer!

Regards Henrik

Re: connecting external cabinet to an vox ac30

maybe you use this ext cab on its own? 212 is a 2x12? does it suggest that you can use both the cab and the internal speakers together?
I have posted your question on a vox bulletin board, see if one of the vox techies have an answer, i'll post on here if they do, ive got my VOXAC30 up for sale, i have blue alnicos in mine, great speaker, great amp too, but ive just discovered the 'THD BiValve' no going back.

Re: connecting external cabinet to an vox ac30

Hey Lee - thanks. I hope that might give an answer. And I think that the external cabinet is supposed to be connected at the same time as the speakers in the ac30. Anyway - under FAQ´s on the VOX home page - they say that it is possible to do so but that one has to take adwise from a technician before hooking up anything. What a shallow answer!!!


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