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Posted by KevinP on Wed, 12/27/00 - 12:55:58.

Hi all. I'm a US expat living in Korea. There's an acoustic 12-string that I've got my eye on. It looks good and has a nice sound. The problem is the price. It's only about 130 US dollars. That's so cheap that I'm rather supicious. It has a serial number, so if there's someplace I can cross-check it, I can do so. (Does anyone know of such a place online?) Also, each of the twelve tuning pegs has the Fender "F" on them, which suggests it's legit. It's just that all other 12-strings here are between $600 and $1,000. Can you blame me for being suspicious?

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Re: Korean Guitars

No, I can't blame you for being suspicious. I certainly would be. I am not aware of a site that you can use to cross-check the SN. But, I would go with my gut instinct on this one. Those tuners might be Fender aftermarket tuners and might have nothing to do with the maker of the guitar. Check to see if there is a label or something in the soundhole. You might find something that will tip you off as to who the maker is. I hope this helps!! Good luck.

Re: Korean Guitars

Well actually, Fender does make affordable acoustics. They're not top-of-the-line guitars
like some of their electrics, but they're decent. If guitars are your profession, you might want
something a bit better, but if they're your hobby, I'd definately recommend one.

Re: Korean Guitars

Obviously it's not real. It will be crap. The real ones are crap anyway

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