Any information on Cortley Ukulele's "Help Me!"

Posted by Terry on Sat, 06/19/04 - 14:14:57.

Hi, I have an old Cortley Ukulele distributed by Maxwell Meyers in Texas Model #70103. I can't seem to find any information on this Ukulele, I was wondering if anyone might have any information reguarding this Item. I dont even know if Cortley is a good brand of Ukulele. It sounds very nice with good rich tones.Thank you for your help!

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Re: Cortley Ukulele's "Help Me!" Six String

I was looking for info. on a cortley six string that a friend of mine has. I can tell you that this guitar is very well made and sounds great. Great action too! Never heard of them before so I thought I would try and find out about them.

Re: Cortley Ukulele's "Help Me!" Six String

so for all i can figure out Cortly was a late '70s early to mid 80s knock off company. i have a Les Paul copy by them and a banjo. not bad guitars, but the banjo is more then a little crazy. i do know that they are Japanese, but other then that i dunno...

Re: Any information on Cortley Ukulele's "Help Me!"

: Hi, I have 2 Cortley 6 string Les Paul copies, and am searching for information on the company, the guitars etc. I would really appreciate any information reguarding these highly crafted copies.Thank you for your help!

1974 F-100 or CF-100 6 string acoustic guitar

I have a Cortley 6 string the label indicates is a F-100, but everything I see says it must be a CF-100. Sounds good, looks good, but no one knows anything about them. The Cortley label indicates Maxwell Meyers and Southland Musical sold them. The Tripod site that was built to follow these guitars seems to be closed so I am looking for any information on this guitar. I paid $100 for it in 1974, looks good, sounds good still.

Cortley guitars

I have found only 1 site that mentions Cortley's at all. I was looking for info myself because I own a Cortley CF 150. I saw mandolins, banjos, acoustics and electrics but no Cortley ukuleles. Click on 78 list and models to find everything except ukuleles.

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