Les Paul Classic vs. SG standard

Posted by Ryan on Tue, 06/29/04 - 02:27:14.

Hey im lookin to buy a new guitar and am comparing the two. If you have any suggestions/own either of them or what not, please let me know what you think! Thanks a lot. Oh by the way, I hear the classic's exposed humbuckers are really hot, maybe too hot? I want the guitar for metal, hard rock mainly but want versatility for blues, classic rock playing. I'll be running it through a marshall avt50 (trans-tube but not a bad amp at all). Again thanks for the advice.

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Re: Les Paul Classic vs. SG standard

wow, Classic vs the SG standard, i have to say, my favorite guitar to play and tonal versatility is the SG standard, that guitar can sing, ive had the hairs on the back of my neck stand up a few times with that guitar, and the tonal range between pickups is unbeleivable, but it also takes a bit of getting used too, because the neck sticks out a fair bit further than a classic, great great guitar and cheaper than the Les paul, and lighter too, but the Les paul isnt far behind for tone, you get fantastic tone from a classic, but it doesnt have the range of an SG (for rock that is) , but my god it does have the looks, the SG to me looks a bit... well not a great looker is it?
when you think of rock / blues you picture the les paul, its a classic design, and it plays fantastic blues too, i think overall if iwas looking for a primary rock, then blues, for price (SG is cheaper) and tonal range, and weight id have to go for the SG, SG ROCKS.
but then again.....
any help?


Re: Les Paul Classic vs. SG standard

The neck joint on a LP is at like the 15 fret making it hard to treach the higher ones. SG joint is at last fret.
SG is neck heavy so it won't tire you out on stage.
LP have much better better wood quality and sustain but are lacking in tone and playability.

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