Tokai V Gibson

Posted by Ritchie on Tue, 07/06/04 - 07:49:27.

Dear Forum,
I'm really interessed in buying a firebird guitar but I am not sure if I shouldbuy a copy (new) or a Gibson (2nd Hand. I'm don't I could find a resonable priced Gibbo in the UK or If the Gibson copy will be any good?

Please Offer Your Advice

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Re: Tokai V Gibson

Tokai made VERY GOOD copies of Gibsons and Fenders.
I think what happened was Tokai,being Japanese made these axes to fit THEIR hands.So,when you play it,you'll notice the neck is smaller! The wood was a little lower grade than Gibson's...but WHO CARES? The NECK is where you do most of your playing!
P.S. I have a 1977 Ibanez 58 Flying Vee..which I prefer over the Gibson!
Hope this helps

Re: Tokai V Gibson

i have a '79 tokai reborn LP and a '89 Gibson LP and the Gibson is by far the best sounding, best looking, and best player of the 2, Tokai's are fantastic guitars but nothing beats a gibson.

Re: Tokai V Gibson

Depends on what you like,how you feel,how you play.In my experience the Tokai's are PLAYER guitars.They're lighter,sturdy and if you change the pickups hard to tell the difference in sound.
I have a '77 Paul that nothinhg can touch.But heavy as hell when traveling.And the Nashville Gibsons are baseball bats compared to the Kalamazoo.Tokai's FEEL like my '77 Kalamazoo.
Good Luck

Re: Tokai V Gibson

theres the answer, 'if you change the pickups' you are right they are definatly player guitars, the necks feel better, and the whole guitar is lighter and better balanced, but if the tokai had its own pickups it would'nt sound as good, but with a pair of SD's its difficult to tell the difference.

Re: Tokai V Gibson

SD's...?? Well,I was thinking along the lines of Classic'57 PAF(neck) and a Seymore SH-5(Bridge).
Iv'e had terrible luck with SD's.At high volumes they crank too easily.Same thing with the X2N's.
But as we know,to even get CLOSE to the Gibson tone,you'd have to change those crappy Tokai pickups.

P.S. except for my old Strat and Paul,I usually wind up changing the pickups anyway...LOL.
Good Luck

Re: Tokai V Gibson

SD's = Seymour Duncans

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