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Posted by Gayle Puterbaugh on Fri, 09/10/04 - 14:18:58.

I am searching for the model and manufactured year for Gibson guitar serial number 88083275. I have waded through Gibson's serial number structures and nothing lines up. Any help out there? Sorry this is all I have to go on since I haven't seen this guitar and my contact knows nothing about it. Shot in the dark, huh?

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Re: Gibson Guitar Search

manufactured in 1983 if thats any help.
* *

first and 4th from last numbers together.

Re: Gibson Guitar Search

: You hit me. Lee is right. It was March 19, 1983, in Kalamazoo Michigan and was the 275th guitar stamped that day.

The number you give is 88083275. In the numbering system Gibson used at that time, the pattern is read: YDDDYPPP, the two Y's are the year of manufacture, like Lee said 1983. The three P's are the production plant designation and order in which it was stamped, numbers from 001-499 were made in Kalamazoo, MI. and numbers from 500-999 were made in Nashville, TN. The three D's are the day of the year starting at 1 and going up to 365 (366 if it's a leap year) and on up higher still. It reached the 900's in 1977. But 1983 was not a leap year, 1984 was. The Kalamazoo plant closed in 1984 and all production was moved to the Nashville plant, which opened in 1974 and made mostly electrics. When the Bozeman, Montana plant started acoustic production in 1989, the numbers represented by the three P's were reorganized. Bozeman began using 001 and up, in 1990 Nashville began using 300 and up.

I know, you're thinking, "How does 808 represent March 19th?"

If you go past December 31st, which is 365, then the second January 1st is 366 and the next day, Jan. 2nd, would be 367, etc. and keep going up until Dec. 31st again, which is 730. The third January 1st is 731. January has 31 days in it, so 730 + 31 = 761. February, 1983, had 28 days in it, so 761 + 28 = 789. The third Feb. 28th would be 789, which leaves 19. 808 - 789 = 19. If you go up 19 days from Feb. 28th you will be on Mar. 19th.

If you can send me back a description with as much detail as possible (how many pickups and frets, color, switches, bridge/tailpiece, what type of fret/finger board, pick guard color, volume/tone controls, etc.) I will see if I can find the model for you.

Hope this info helps,


Re: Gibson Guitar Search

i hope you have this answer on file so you can cut and paste it for the next person that asks, bet you see the same question within the next week.

Re: Gibson Guitar Search

: No doubt, I will Lee. No need to copy and paste though, all the info I gave is easily found if you just take a little time to read it. The best avenues to gaining knowledge are reading and experience. Of course, I have be smart enough to apply what I read, learn and experience, to the individual questions and put it in my own words, but that's an easy task also. The e-mails I will receive in the next week will be way more in number than what I will see here. I say that because of the number of e-mails I've received in the past week. People seem to like it when they get an intelligent and informative answer to their questions. I enjoy helping others find the solutions and answers they are looking for and certainly don't want to give them the wrong info. I don't believe there is anything wrong with that, is there?

Re: Gibson Guitar Search

some people are so lazy, if you want to know the date of a gibson then type in 'gibson serial number' in Google, they have the greatest research tool at their fingertips but many dont want to use it. maybe you have more patience.

Re: Gibson Guitar Search

: Most of the people I've helped have tried the Google search. I tried it too, but the info they are looking for can't be found there. Some of them say they have been looking for days and can't find it. It usually takes about 10-15 minuets of my time to find the info and 5 minuets to type it up. I think 20 minuets of my time helping out my fellow musician is time well spent.

Re: Gibson Guitar Search

I have a Epiphone 12 string acoutic displaying a blue "Kalamazoo" sticker. Appears to state, "Epiphone 6735", "No. 100280". Just trying to find some info on the instrument. Don't even know the name/model of the guitar.

Re: Gibson Guitar Search

I am searching for the model and manufactured year for Gibson guitar: serial number 020789.
I want buy this. Please sand me any info this guitar.
Thank you!

Szalóki Szabolcs!

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