Bob Marley's Equipment

Posted by Gonzo on Fri, 10/29/04 - 00:19:02.

Can anybody ID Bob's setup such as amp type, effects, etc?
Also, what kind of amp and pickups would you reccomend for reggae?

Thanks so much.

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Re: Bob Marley's Equipment

Shoot me down in flames here, but, i can never understand the interest in Bob Marley the guitarist?
i love his stuff, he has a unique sound, and his song writing and performing skills are right up there with the best, but was he a great guitarist? i recently went to guitar show in London, and found that Gibson have done a Bob signature guitar, did his guitar playing/style realy warrant a signature guitar? i cant help thinking its a ploy by Gibson to make a few dollars, anyone else have any veiws on this?

Re: Bob Marley's Equipment

I'm just looking for equpipment that is optimal for reggeae and ska styles of playing... That's all. If anyone could reccomend or find out anything about that, it would be much appreciado.

Re: Bob Marley's Equipment

: I'm just looking for equpipment that is optimal for reggeae and ska styles of playing... That's all. If anyone could reccomend or find out anything about that, it would be much appreciado.

A Stratocaster, G&L Legacy or Peavey with single coils would be cool. I'm for single coils here just for bite or punch really, and for the kind of funk you get on a 5 way switch in positions 2 or 4, especially bridge w/middle. I know about he Gibson thing and read all about it on another forum. But you won't be needing humbuckers or loads of sustain. Just some funky, breezy chops - the brighter the better. Whatever amp you choose, I'm thinking it too would have to be super clean. Solid state would work here, perhaps a nice Line 6. Those Fender's get muddy after you turn the volume past 4. Carvins and Crate amps don't have that problem, I'm not altogether sure about Peavey, even though I have 1 and my son has 1, we're still testing and we're liking them so far. Try a compressor, and try it without, in case of too much attack (&sustain). A flanger pedal would be fun. I mean keep it simple, fun, and you still want the right vibe. This ought to be pretty close, and I'm going to go try it myself. Know any Reggae songs? Ohhhh ... I Shot the Sherriff? Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Clapton?

Or 3 Little Birds. Don't worry about a thing, cuz every little thing is gonna be allright. Strat man Dwight

Re: Bob Marley's Equipment

just a note, ive seen bob using Strats in the early days, but later used a les paul special, if you want one take a look here:

this is an epiphone, more of a tribute guitar, maybe this one will suit, i know Gibson did a custom shop signature model, maybe try ebay for that one, it would be a little more expensive. this guitar shows humbuckers, but im sure bobs original had P90's, mainly played on the back pickup, from the photo's ive seen he also played a fender twin amp.

Re: Bob Marley's Equipment

Thanks for all your help guys. I'm undecided between a Gibson LP Melody Maker (it's avail through MusciansFriend) with a single P-90 at the bridge, or an Epiphone 56 Goldtop with the two P-90s at bridge and neck... Which one would be more worth it, seeing as the Epi is about 200 dolla more than the Gibson? Do epi's have the same quality and craftmanship of a Gibson?

Thanks dudes, even if this goes unanswered

Re: Bob Marley's Equipment

go for the Melody maker with the P90 at the bridge, its not a great guitar but i think the P90 will give you a better Bob sound.

Re: Bob Marley's Equipment

Thanks Lee for the additional comments to our friend's question and your earlier & my later response, I think. Your new info certainly fits, no doubt accurate. We're probably in a different time zone by half a day. I went to my equip and found a setup for the reggae sound, had alot of fun, but eventually had to go to bed. Still, I'm pretty excited about my discoveries, and have been looking forward to sharing it.

In my humble opinion, this was really good, if not nailing it: grabbed a home-made "Strat" with bright pickups, and plugged in one of my Ibanez footstomp compressors, one of the Ibanez footstomp flangers, with line into the Blues Deluxe, which is tubed & warm sounding, but it has a bright switch that I can press to pretend it's a solid state amp. But really, settings on the compressor can override the type of amp, in this case, I found. Tried all positions on the Strat. The reggae vibe happened definitely with a compressor, not without, and mainly with the guitar set between bridge & neck I thought. It's got funk with snap & snarl, guitar tone had to be backed off a bit. The flanger was okay/interesting but not essential. The flanger was only credible if it was set to have a minimal effect.

But wait, there's a better way to set up the Strat or similar guitar for the reggae sound. It sounds so much better if you can use one of the missing tones, that isn't on a stock instrument, other than the Made in Mexico Super Strat. (I can supply the catalogue # for that one but don't endorse or sell 'em). The best setting is using all 3 pickups together, in parallel, via the custom wiring mod known as the Magnificent 7. It is widely believed that's what EC did on "After Midnight". A must-listen track. I'm trying not to say the word awesome, but just want to emphasize there's reggae to be had with a Strat, bridge/middle or setting of choice, and a compressor through an amp that can sparkle. But, there's super reggae sounds with the extra guitar mod, bringing in all 3 pickups at the source. It's been a blast. Strat Man Dwight

Re: Bob Marley's Equipment

: i love bob marley, but ur all wankers

Re: Bob Marley's Equipment

i have a friend, a rather ugly friend called l8on nickname zugly, n he loves bob marley too. How ever hes gay n he think ur all wankers

Re: Bob Marley's Equipment

The Wailers used some kind of envelope pedal I think--something like a EH Q-Tron--on both basses and guitars. Also, try a wah pedal set to the treble position (or some stationary position in the midrange). Does anyone have recommendations re: pick/string gauges?

Effects and Tone continued...

My favorite setup for guitar playing that makes me lose it, includes three essentials. Any electric guitar, Tube amp, Overdrive, Delay set short and fast (gives the spring verb effect but way cooler), and the most interesting effect is something you touched on.,, A wah can be used as a tone control. Set to the all-the-way-forward position boosts the treble so so so well. Wonderful trick of the trade! Cheers!

Re: Bob Marley's Equipment

Sammy Hagar, Billy Joe Armstrong, Char Kroeger, and Tom Delonge all have signature Gibson guitars as well....What next guitar great will be able to put his stamp on a Gibson guitar....Lil Wayne?

It's definately a ploy by Gibson...Signature models should only be offered to guitar greats and ledgends, especially after looking a the prices.

He set the standard for

He set the standard for reggae guitar strumming. All those crap sunshine reggae bands you listen to wouldn't know how to play or what reggae strumming was if it wasn't for him laying that foundation

Re: Bob Marley's Equipment

Wait a minute, sorry I made a mistake. Next time I'll read what I write a little more carefully FIRST, because this ain't fun ... right in the the middle of my last post, like right at the centre point, I meant that bridge and MIDDLE pickups are the position, not bridge and neck. It's that quack tone, I mean. Then, later I talked about all 3.

This happens when I try naming the pickups. I'd like to say position 1,2,3,4 or 5 but Strat players can't agree on which end of the switch to start from. We know that 2 & 4 are the noise cancelling, quack tones, but who thinks which end of the switch is which, or which is what!

This wasn't even supposed to be a topic. But I have listened to everybody for decades, and given every one his say and I have sided with some technical experts who wire Strats for a living, who name the Strat's 5 positions as #1 bridge, #2 bridge/middle, #3 middle, #4 middle/neck and #5 neck.

There is an argument, it will go on forever, and never get sorted out in our lifetime, or in the history of the world. So I have had to avoid naming positions by number as different people see it differently. There is NO standard agreement. But some people think that there is. And that's another issue. Strat Man Dwight

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