Yamaha Eterna EF-18 ...Good guitar???

Posted by Tricia Reed on Tue, 12/14/04 - 02:06:40.

I am wondering if anyone has info on Yamaha Eterna EF-18 Guitars...are they solid wood tops...good guitars?

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Re: Yamaha Eterna EF-18 ...Good guitar???

: I am wondering if anyone has info on Yamaha Eterna EF-18 Guitars...are they solid wood tops...good guitars?

Holy cow, the moderator is now blocking 75% of our replies. We can't go on like this, but I can't resist your question. This may be my last chance to share what I've learned.

We've seen tons of Eterna acoustics. I wonder how many in a ton? They're good beginner guitars, very playable, responsive to picking techniques and so on, with surprisingly good tone. They do not have solid tops. Thank goodness for that, the laminate makes them stronger and more forgiving to possible mistakes by student types.

Eterna is to Yamaha, as Epi is to Epiphone, as Lyon is Washburn. They are all the same guitar. They are more than worth what you spend, but as in every situation, do not overtighten strings or place in a dry environment. They are less forgiving when it comes to string tension and stress at the heel, where the neck joins the body.

Eterna EF 1812

I have this,in VG condition.Questioning Yamaha as to year,was told late '70's,early'80's.It is well-made,solid,I would think ableto withstand"knockabout"use.altho'mine shows no evidence of that.I play it rarely,now,preferring my"Zager"easy play ZAD20 6 string.Kept the Eterna in a case with humidifier.I have offered it locally+Craigs List for 135.00,with no takers,some crank calls.To me.it is like a former poster said-"a guitar is what you make of it,how you play it,how you regard it".If you like the sound,how it plays-it's worth what you will pay for it.Good Luck!!

Eterna EF-18

I've had mine for 18 years writing and playing gig's. Great tone and sound, with the "jumbo fret's" its great for rhythm playing (best for those wonderful bar chords). I have no issues or complaints with it... Very reliable work horse...

Remember "its not the expensive instrument that makes you sound good ITS YOU!!!!!"

Eterna EF-18

I've had mine for 30 years, now (purchased in 1989). I used to drag it all over town over my shoulder. I called it my beater. I got busy parenting and it sat in a hot attic in a nylon gig bag for years before my teenage son absconded with it. The bag deteriorated, but the guitar is still going strong. When it has new strings, it sounds amazingly good. Same comment I got when playing it when "real" guitar players would come around - "wow, that thing sounds pretty good!" Always surprised. It's got a bright and rich sound in my son's hands, lending credence to the notion that it's the ability of the player that makes a guitar sound good. I have other inexpensive guitars and they all suck in comparison. This guitar does everything a guitar needs to do: let you play it with ease and resonate beautiful harmonics that make it hard to put it down.

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