EHX Octavix

Electro-Harmonix introduces the Octavix, a late ’60s style octave-up effect pedal with built-in fuzz effect.

EHX Octavix

This pedal carries over the same vintage octave and fuzz voicing that were used by guitar icons of the past, but in a modern, more reliable and flexible format.

This pedal is said to be based on the “Octavia”, the custom made octave pedal that was built by Roger Mayer for Jimi Hendrix, and was used on some of Hendrix’ classic tracks – most notable “Purple Haze”.

According to the company, the EHX Octavix is designed to reproduce the sagging fuzz tone of the original pedal, but it comes with modern enhancements that are meant to update to original concept. The result is a more reliable and tweakable version of the effect that played an important role in popularizing the “psychedelic music” style.

Electro-Harmonix equipped the Octavix with three knobs that let you adjust volume, boost and octave. The Boost knob serves as the pedal’s gain knob, giving you subtle to full-on torn speaker fuzz that heavily emphasizes the mid-range. The Octave knob lets you adjust the volume of the octave above signal, giving you the ability to mix in the octave up sound to taste. Finally, the volume knob is as straightforward as its label, letting you adjust the output level of the pedal.

In addition to the three knobs, Octavix has an internal rail voltage switch that lets you adjust the power rating of the pedal between 9 or 24 volts. Changing the power supply voltage of the entire circuit changes the tonality of the resulting signal, allowing for even more tone shaping possibilities that are not found in other octave fuzz pedals.

The pedal behaves like the classic Octavia when at the 9V setting, producing classic saggy fuzz tones. According to the company, switching to 24V results in a tighter and richer octave tone, which can be applicable for modern musical styles.

Check out the official video demo:

Like most modern pedals, the Octavix features true bypass switching so that it won’t interfere with your signal when disengaged. It is housed in Electro-Harmonix’ compact “Nano” pedal format, and features a psychedelic design and blue LED light that complements its sound. The pedal runs on a 9 volt battery and it can be powered via the standard EHX 9.6 DC power supply.

The US list price for the Electro-Harmonix Octavix is $117.15. For more information, visit EHX.

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