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Guitar Models This is where we list guitar models that we have written articles or reviews about. Line 6 Variax Standard Limited Edition Emerald Limited run version of the Line 6 Variax Standard, in custom Emerald Green finish and carrying the same Variax HD technology. Knaggs Severn X Hand built electric guitar that feature classic

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Line 6 Variax Standard Limited Edition Emerald

Line 6 celebrate their 20th anniversary with the new custom-finished Variax Standard Limited Edition Emerald guitar. Related Feature:Line 6 Spider V Series Amplifiers This limited run release features the same technology that they co-developed with Yamaha, carrying the same playability, versatility and innovative technology while having a distinct emerald green finish. Limited to a very

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Oakland Axe Factory Falcon Headless Guitar

Oakland Axe Factory unveils the Falcon, a customizable headless electric guitar available in 6/7/8 string configurations. Related Feature:Electric Guitar DIY Kits Like their previous offerings, the Falcon is available in open selection where you can put together your preferred pickups and hardware to build your own personalized electric guitar. With it’s headless design, this electric

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PRS McCarty 594

PRS Guitars introduce the McCarty 594, a core production version of the February guitar of the month Private Stock 594. Related Feature:PRS John Mayer Private Stock Super Eagle The McCarty 594 gets its name from its distinct scale length of 24.594″, a departure from the usual 25″ and 24.5″ scale necks that they use on

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RJ Super Vintage 5-in-1 Guitar – NAMM 2016

The RJ Super Vintage is an electric guitar that can switch between five popular guitars without built-in DSP modeling. Related Feature: Best Semi-Hollow Guitars The guitar company from the Philippines designed this new 5-in-1 model to reproduce the tone of five iconic guitars that cover multiple musical styles, including the Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Fender

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Knaggs Severn X

Knaggs Guitars introduce the Severn X, their latest hand-built Super Strat style guitar with proprietary Hinge tremolo. Related Feature:Best Electric Guitars for under $1000 This new guitar is based on the original Severn model, carrying over the same body shape with some adjustments and improvements done to the hardware installed and the neck playing feel.

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