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Reverend Charger 290 LE

Reverend Guitars unveil the Charger 290 LE, an upgraded limited run version of the Charger 290 guitar. Related Feature:Reverend Guitar 2014 Models The Charger 290 model joins the company’s limited edition models for fall 2014, continuing Reverend’s tradition of unveiling beefed-up versions of their popular models every fall. . The most obvious upgrade that the […]

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Reverend Sensei HB LE 2016

Reverend introduces their latest Limited Edition guitar, the new Sensei HB LE with Bigsby B-50 bridge. Related Feature:Reverend Billy Corgan Signature BC-1 This guitar follows the original specs of the double cutaway Sensei HB, but with improved aesthetics and upgraded hardware to give it a premium look and improved playability. Every year, Reverend Guitars have

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Tim Reede Mercury

Tim Reede introduces Mercury, a compact chambered body electric guitar with dual humbuckers and piezo pickup. Related Feature:Tim Reede Apollo This guitar is described as the little brother of their other custom instrument, the Apollo, and bearing a similar double cutaway shape with stylized dual sound holes, only this one is a tad bit smaller.

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Tim Reede Apollo

Tim Reede Custom Guitars expand their electric guitar line with the chamberedbody Apollo, featuring Lollar pickups and Bigsby bridge. Related Feature:Tim Reede Librada This guitar has an interesting design that combines classic semi-hollow elements with sharp shred friendly looks. With over ten years of experience building custom guitars, Tim Reede Custom Guitars are known for

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