Epiphone Slash “AFD” Les Paul Performance Pack

Following up on their recent entry-level acoustic release, Epiphone unveils the Slash “AFD” Les Paul performance pack, featuring artist co-designed guitar, amp and accessories package.

Epiphone Slash

The star of this package is the new Slash “AFD” LP Special-II guitar in classic Appetite amber finish. It also comes with the Slash “Snakepit-15” amp, custom designed picks, guitar cable, strap and free on-line guitar tuition.

AFD stands for “Appetite for Destruction”, the debut studio album of Guns N’ Rose that helped establish sit Slash in the pantheon of rock guitar icons. Now Epiphone and Slash is using the same label to help other guitar players that are just starting out.

Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg said, “In many ways, Slash is the ultimate Les Paul player and it is always an honor working with Slash because just like Epiphone, he wants to give everyone a chance to play a professional instrument. Slash helped design the Les Paul Special-II for our new Performance Pack and Guitar Outfit along with the ‘Snakepit’ amplifier and we are already hearing from pros out there who want this guitar!”

Epiphone Slash

Slash “AFD” Les Paul Special-II

This new Epiphone Les Paul is co-designed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame lister himself, featuring an Appetite amber finish that is inspired by his own custom Les Paul. The guitar has the typical mahogany body, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard configuration. Gibson and Slash opted for a flame maple veneer top to make it stand out from the crowd.

Giving it its rock and metal friendly tone is Epiphone’s new Ceramic Plus Zebra Coil humbucker pickup. They are said to be hotter than typical humbuckers. Since tuning is often neglected by beginners, students of the instrument will appreciate the built-in Shadow E-Tuner that sits directly on the bridge pickup mounting ring. This will let you tune your guitar without the need for a separate tuner.

Slash “Snakepit-15” Amp

The “AFD” Performance Pack will not be complete without a dedicated amp that you can plug the guitar into. This artist approved amp fits the bill nicely, compact and low-watt means it can be carried around and can be used for practice without unnecessarily disturbing the neighbors. The amp drives an 8″ Electar G8 Classic-25 4-ohm and is housed in an open-back cabinet that is said to deliver the mid-range crunch that Slash himself approves of. It has the typical two channel setup and features basic EQ controls.

This new package also comes with various accessories, including a gigbag with Slash’s “Snakepit” logo in white, 3 Dunlop Tortex Slash signature picks in three colors (white, black and purple), a guitar strap, a 1/4″ standard guitar cable and free online lessons from eMedia.

The MSRP for the Epiphone Slash “AFD” Les Paul Performance Pack is $480. If you already have an amp, you can get the AFD LP Special II Guitar and accessories for $332 (MSRP). For further details, head over to Epiphone.

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