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    looking for information about les paul copy guitars built by eric schulte of PA. Are they of good quaility? collectable? Any info would be appreciated.
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      I own a 72′ Rick 4001 done over by Eric w/ Abalone binding and Seymour Duncan pickups and preamp, plus cool wood pick guard and truss rod cover, very nice work!

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      I just found a wonderful restored syncromatic done by mr.shulte and after seeing his work and reading his legend am extremely lucky to have it . I was looking for a big archtop L5 L7 , and came across this gretsch which was restored years ago it appears to have been broken and has repaired cracks on the back and a new hand made neck done by him ,it is setup perfectly and solidly a dream guitar am enbaressed at what I paid for it . It’s easily as good as any high dollar I mean high dollar Gibson , epiphone , stromberg of the era. Sadly mr shulte has passed away but his leagacy of work seems to broad and deep . God bless him

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      I own 2 Schulte’s . Eric was my neighbor when I was very young 1-8…
      Ihad him do my repairs when I worked for George Thorogood, Then he built 3 custom 125tdc white guitars for George with my retro fits helping to stablize tuning and cutting feedback ect .
      Prior to my working with George I had him build me a custom LP wine red with my initials in gold between the knobs.s.. Later He built me a custom Stratocaster with a reverse head stock and Kahler double locking trem..
      It is 1956 Chevy nomad Nassau blue gorgeous…. These are my Prized possessions…. His Craftsmanship is unmatched

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      😀 I have the pleasure of owning five guitars that were made by Eric. The first was a copy of the Les Paul purchated in the early 80’s. Top quality and plays like a champ. I also have a George Benson Hollow Body, and a one off that he made for me that was mentioned in the article here.
      “Several other Fender-style guitars followed in ’86. The coolest was actually more like an Ibanez Roadstar, with offset double cutaways with little hooks on the horns. There was also a little hook on the six-in-line headstock, though not as pronounced as Schulte’s earlier heads. This guitar was finished in black, with a bound fingerboard, large abalone and pearl blocks, two humbuckers and a middle single-coil (three mini-toggles), Kahler double-locking vibrato, and white pearloid pickguard.

      Schulte recalls with amusement the story of this guitar; the fellow who bought it had to bring it back for repair because his wife had put a deep gouge in the front. A few months later, the fellow’s wife smashed an acoustic guitar which had to be repaired. A little while later the fellow got rid of his wife.

      Good Stuff and if you can get your hands on one, you will not be dissapointed…. 😆

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      i have one they are great very good quality shulte worked at gibson for years

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      No first-hand knowledge… but..

      The Custom Guitars of Eric Schulte

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      Not heard of them. Can’t find them on the user reviews on Harmony Central either.

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