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Guitar Gear Top Recommendations Electric Guitars: Under $200 | $500 Acoustic Guitars: Under $1000 | Acoustic-Electric Under $500 Amps Under $500 | Practice Amps | Headphone Amps A History of the Guitar Here at we are constantly researching the latest gear and guitar product categories to bring you information on the best equipment and

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Fishman Fluence Carpenter and Townsend Signature Pickups

Fishman releases two new Fluence signature pickups, co-designed by Stephen Carpenter and Devin Townsend. Fishman Fluence Stephen Carpenter Related Feature:Affordable Guitar Pickups These electric guitar pickup sets showcase how Fishman’s unique Fluence can be customized to accommodate the needs of modern players, specifically for those who play high-gain metal like Stephen and Devin. The Fishman

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