Gifts for Guitar Players

Christmas 2017 is fast approaching, and since we have taken it upon ourselves to save guitarists from awkward presents – we have updated our gift recommendations. This guide is meant to help those wanting to buy gifts for guitarists but don’t quite know what to get.

Guitarists tend to be picky, so we made every effort to select gift items that will be unique yet still acceptable for the majority of guitar players. With these items, you can be sure that the lucky guitarist who receives your gift will take your kind gesture to heart.

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Featured Guitarist Gift:

The History of the American Guitar

The History of the American Guitar

Filled with great photos of historic guitars and the stories that they come with, this coffee table book is a must have for any guitarist. Students and experienced players alike are mesmerized by its photography, which include hundreds of guitars from the early 1800s to modern day production. If your friend is a guitarist, or is interested in guitars, then this will make a great gift.
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Guitar Themed Products

Here are some cool accessories that guitarists will surely appreciate, we picked two everyday items that come with guitar inspired designs and a nifty smart phone holder.

Marshall Compact Fridge Spinning Hat Amp Tea and Coffee Mug Fred & Friends Guitar Ice Tray and Stirrers
Marshall Compact Fridge
A real working Marshall 4.4 Cu. Ft. fridge with a high efficiency freezer. It even has an adjustable temperature from -32°F to 50°F. It also uses genuine Marshall parts including the knobs which go up to 11! Check out the video below:
Spinning Hat Amplifier Mug

This cool guitar amplifier design mug will surely catch the attention of musicians and have them curious, if not envious. Will surely be their favorite early morning coffee mug.
Fred & Friends Guitar Ice Tray and Stirrers
This literally cool guitar ice tray and stirrer will make guitarists want to make sure they have ice ready all the time. Perfect match for the Amp Mug in case they are going for a cold drink.

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Guitar Straps

Guitar straps give you a great return for your “‘investment”, because the receiver will remember you each time they put on the strap to play their instrument. It’s also hard to go wrong with a strap, just pick a neutral color like brown or black and you can be sure that you’re gift will be put to good use.

Levy's Leather Guitar Straps Planet Waves Classic Leather Guitar Strap Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Guitar Strap
Levy’s Leathers Suede Guitar Straps
Levy’s is known for their premium quality guitar straps, make sure you see your guitarist friend smile as he unwraps this elegant earth-tone color strap.
Planet Waves Classic Leather Strap
If you are not sure about the color or style, this inexpensive and durable black leather strap is the safest pick. It will easily pair well with various guitar styles and colors.
Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap
The tweed look of this strap is among the most sought after, especially recommended for experienced players, where it will match most classic guitars and amps.

Cool Guitar Stuff

Here are some humor infused guitar shaped products that have nothing to do with making music, but a lot to do with having fun. These will definitely put a smile on your guitar toting friend’s face.

The Guitar Collection Book Funny Guitar T-Shirt Guitar Coffee Gift Basket
The Guitar Collection Book
A limited edition drool-inducing book that guitarists will definitely be thankful to receive, with extensive photos and stories about popular and iconic guitarists and their guitars.
Guitar Evolution T-Shirt
It took 5 million years for humanity to finally reach the peak of evolution 🙂
Guitar Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket
Guitar coffee mug and 4 coasters, along with biscotti and 5 blends of gourmet coffee including French Vanilla, Chocolate and Italian Roast Espresso, Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo.

Guitar Care

It’s no fun when guitars fall over or get a bit grubby, but guitarists being tightwads still tend to limit the number of guitar stands they have. As such, a guitar stand will always be a welcome gift, helping keep guitars organized and secure. The same can be said about guitar maintenance kits, which many players tend to neglect.

Ernie Ball Tool Kit Wall-Axe Soloist Starter Pack Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit
Farley’s StagePlayer II

This tool kit from Ernie Ball has all the basic tools necessary for looking after both acoustic and electric guitars, will surely be appreciated by guitarists regardless of their play style and instrument preference.
Wall-Axe Soloist Starter Pack
This affordable “starter pack” includes essential accessories for guitarists, including a wall hanger, clip-on tuner, capo, a guitar strap, a beginner guide, and a bundle of guitar picks.
Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit
Guitar players can never have enough maintenance tools, this is a great product for keeping all guitar parts clean and strings in top working condition.

Guitar Picks and Holders

Giving away regular picks is too common, so we picked the coolest ones available, along with a nice pick holder.

PickBay Stainless Steel Guitar Pick Holder Necklace V-Picks Guitar Picks 7 Piece Starter Kit Hide & Drink Keychain Guitar Pick Holder
PickBay Stainless Steel Guitar Pick Holder Necklace
Possibly the most stylish way to prevent losing guitar picks – and it comes with 3 picks as well.
V-Picks Guitar Picks 7 Piece Starter Kit
These are really cool picks with a range of shapes and sizes to suit every type of guitar playing.
Hide & Drink Keychain Guitar Pick Holder
Here is a nice looking leather guitar pick holder that’s built into a basic keychain, with space for multiple picks.

Headphones and Pocket Amps

Pocket amplifiers and headphones are great gifts for guitarists, allowing them to practice quietly. This gift will endear you not only to your friend, but also to the family and neighbors, they will owe you a debt of gratitude for keeping your friend from playing loud.

Marshall Bluetooth Headphones Line 6 Pocket POD Vox amPlug AP2CR Guitar Headphone Amp
Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Headphones
Guitarists will not be able to contain their grin if they see this one under the gift wrapper. This stylish headphones will surely make guitarists smile, with its modern Bluetooth connectivity and audio quality.
Line 6 Pocket Pod
Your favorite guitarist will be thrilled to get one of these – not only can they play their electric guitar through headphones, but they also get the sounds and effects of hundreds of different guitar amps! It is included in our guide to Headphone Amps.
Vox amPlug AP2CR Guitar Headphone Amp
Not only can they play guitar using headphones with this, they can also apply effects and plug in their CD/MP3 Player and play along with their favorite tunes.

Guitar Pedals

Guitar players love guitar pedals, but they do not expect it from the non guitar playing crowd – so surprise them with these select great sounding effect pedals.

DigiTech JamMan Solo XT Looper Electro-Harmonix Talking Pedal Zoom G1Xon
DigiTech JamMan Solo XT Looper

This is one pedal that guitarists would love to have, but do not take the effort to buy. Loopers allow guitarists to record their playing and loop them to build lush musical arrangements. Finding this full featured looper pedal inside a gift box will surely be a treat.
Electro-Harmonix Talking Pedal
This pedal features zero-moving parts and is one of the latest innovations in guitar pedal making, so the chances of the receiver already having this pedal is slim. This will definitely be a surprising gift which you are sure to receive many thanks for.
Zoom G1Xon
This pedal from Zoom offers an impressive array of features and convenience in a small and affordable package. It will make a great gift for both beginner and professional guitar players because it has a wide range of effects and a ton of practice-friendly features.

Mini Guitars

Here are some cool mini-guitars – an affordable gift selection that showcases the instruments of popular artists . Bye the way – these are just for show, you can’t actually play them.

Mini Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster Led Zeppelin Double Neck Mini Guitar Mini John Lennon Peace Guitar
Mini Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster

A miniature display version of the popular Stratocaster used by Jimi Hendrix, something that should be instantly recognizable to every guitarist.
Led Zeppelin Double Neck Mini Guitar
This is a miniature model of the Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck Guitar as used by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, an iconic guitar from an equally iconic rock guitarist.
Mini John Lennon Peace Guitar
Another 10 inch tall display miniature guitar, this time based on John Lennon’s acoustic guitar.

Portable Amplifiers

These aren’t meant to replace your guitarist’s main amp – these are handy little additions to their equipment list that are easy to carry around. These are the type of things that people don’t get around to buying for themselves, but are very pleased when someone else buys it for them.

Luna Guitar Suitcase Amplifer Marshall MS4 Mini Micro Full Stack Guitar Amp Pignose 7-100 Legendary Portable Amplifier
Luna Guitar Suitcase Amplifer
Runs on both batteries and mains power and can be carried using a guitar strap as seen in the picture above.
Marshall MS4 Mini Micro Full Stack
This goes up to 1.1 rather than 11, but that’s the point – an easily portable practice amp that looks like the famous big Marshall Stack.
Pignose 7-100 Legendary Portable Amplifier
This also runs on batteries or with an AC adapter (not included – but your guitarist probably already has one) – Pignose is also featured in our Portable Bass Amp Roundup.


If your budget will allow, the best gift to give a guitarist is… a guitar. Now the problem is finding one that your special someone will appreciate, this is where we come in with our two guitars and a Do-It-Yourself guitar kit. These are guitars that majority of players will appreciate regardless of skill level and experience. Even those who already have a number of guitars will be happy to add any of these three to their collection.

Saga HT-10 Electric Guitar Kit Alvarez AP70 Martin Steel String Backpacker
Saga HT-10 Electric Guitar Kit
If you want to keep your special guitarist busy for the holidays, then let them build their very own electric guitar with this DIY guitar kit! Ideal for guitarists who love to thinker with their instruments, allowing them to assemble their very own personalized guitar.
Alvarez AP70
This vintage inspired parlor guitar makes for a great looking and great sounding grab-and-go couch guitar, ensuring that your special someone remembers you every time he looks at or picks up this compact instrument.
Martin Steel String Backpacker
Being a travel guitar, the Martin Backpacker is a gift that guitarists can take anywhere. And since it’s from one of the most reputable guitar builders, you can be sure that he or she will be all smiles as this guitar is unwrapped.

Collectible Guitars and Amps

If money is not an issue and you’d love to give someone the ultimate guitar present, then check these out. No guitarist, regardless of the kind of music they are into, would ever complain about receiving one of these – and you’ll become an absolute legend for giving it!

Martin SS-0041GB-17 Parlor Guitar Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue Gibson Custom 1957 Les Paul with Bigsby Antique Gold
Martin SS-0041GB-17 Concert Guitar
With a retail price in the high 4 figures, this acoustic guitar is far from your average off-the-shelf instrument. But there are very good reasons for its premium cost, including the fact that only 50 of them will ever be made, its impeccable handcrafted build, high-end materials and traditional appeal. You can watch the video below to see just why this guitar is so special. Give someone this and they’ll have their mind set on you forever!
Fender Blues Deluxe
This high-end guitar amp comes from the world’s biggest guitar company and is based on one of their amp designs which continue to be highly sought after. Not the sort of thing you’d give to a 10 year old just starting guitar, but for that special guitarist in your life – whether or not they need a new amp – this would be a wonderful gift.
Gibson Custom 1957 Les Paul with Bigsby Antique Gold

Vintage ’50s era Gibson Les Paul guitars are some of the most collectible in the guitar world – but they’re pretty much impossible to get – however this reissue from Gibson Custom Shop is the next best thing. More than just a vintage remake, this Goldtop comes equipped with a Bigsby bridge that adds to its elegance and sonic versatility.


If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for then check out Guitar Chalk’s 57 Gifts For Guitar Players Under $100.

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