GNUitar is free software that will transform your Windows computer system into a collection of stompboxes.


Like SimulAnalog, this software has been out for years now, but it remains relevant for guitarists who are looking for virtual effects.

This guitar effects software is designed to be efficient and easy to use. It does not come with any “bloatware” and has a file size of only 1.8MB when zipped! It will only take a few seconds to download, run and setup the program.

The interface that this software uses is free from any pretense – a straightforward selection of the available effects. You can then add the effects you prefer to the virtual chain where you can arrange the effects to your liking. Although it doesn’t have fancy effects like pitch shifting – GNuitar has a collection of essential guitar effects. We have listed the simulated effects below along with the controls available for each effect.

  • Dist1 and Dist2 – Drive, Level, Saturation and Low pass filter

  • GNUitar

  • Chorus – Depth, Speed, Wet, Dry and Regen

  • Equalizer – Output Volume and 14 Frequency bands

  • Sustain – Gate, Sustain and Noise

  • Auto-wah – Speed, Low Freq and Hi Freq

  • Phaser – Speed, Low Freq and Hi Freq

  • Noise reduction – Threshold, Hold, Release, Attack, Hysteresis

  • Tremolo – Speed and Amplitude

  • Vibrato – Speed and Amplitude

  • Reverb – Delay, Wet, Dry and Regen

  • Echo – Decay, Repeat and Delay

  • Delay – Decay, Time and Repeat

The collection of effects provided by this software is well selected for, it will get you through any conventional music efficiently without overdoing it. The controls parallel those found on popular stompbox counterparts, so finding the sound you want would be very straightforward.

Some might hastily judge the software’s quality based on its simplicity and small footprint, but many are happy with the effects simulation provided by GNUitar. In fact it has a review rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, which says a lot about this free program.

To download GNUitar, you can go to Sourceforge.

This software is a nice free tool for guitar players of all styles, like a Swiss army knife, it can do a lot of essential things while being small, convenient to carry and easy to use.

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