Guitar Models

This is where we list all the new guitar models that we have written articles or reviews about.

Line 6 Variax Standard Limited Edition Emerald

Limited run version of the Line 6 Variax Standard, in custom Emerald Green finish and carrying the same Variax HD technology.

Knaggs Severn X

Hand built electric guitar that feature classic super strat looks with modern playability, available in SSS, HH, HSH and HSS pickup configurations.

PRS Mark Tremonti Baritone Limited Edition

New limited run Tremonti signature guitar, with a longer 25.5" scale length and tuned to C# (C#, F#, B, E, G#, C#)

Rivolta Combinata from Novo and Eastwood Guitars

Dennis Fano of Novo Guitars teamed up with Eastwood Guitars to make his guitar more accessible to more guitar players.

PRS CE 24 Standard Satin Electric Guitar

Another bolt-on neck model from PRS Guitars, this time with mahogany body and satin nitrocellulose finish..

Michael Kelly CC50DLX Custom Collection 50 Deluxe

Tele style guitar with dual single-coil sized Hot Rail humbuckers from Seymour Duncan wired to Michael Kelly's 12-voice mod.

Ibanez Steve Vai Signature Jem 77WDP CNL

The latest Steve Vai Signature Series Jem guitar has a fresh new look, with a rosewood top and wood pickguard.

Gibson Pete Townshend Deluxe Gold Top '76 LTD

Limited run replica of the Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top that Pete Townshend broke on stage back in 1976.

Gibson Firebird V 2016 T

The 2016 release of the iconic Gibson Firebird, featuring the same reverse body and headstock design with upgraded features.

Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele

A modern and more versatile take on the classic Telecaster design, equipped with three Vintage Noiseless Singlecoil pickups and a 5-way selector.

Reverend Sensei HB LE 2016

New Limited Edition double-cutaway dual humbucker guitar from Reverend, equipped with Bigsby B-50 bridge and nice looking colored maple top.

Tim Reede Mercury

Reede Guitars' latest electric guitar, featuring a chambered body with twin Lollar humbuckers and Graph Tech Ghost piezo.

Dean Zelinsky Paisley Dellatera

Customizable electric guitar with unique engraved paisley on top with Antique Nickel Finish.

PRS Private Stock Custom 24 8-String Guitar

PRS Private Stock's "Guitar of the Month" for August is an 8-string version of their popular Custom 24 model, built to Mark Holocomb's signature guitar specs.

Fender Deluxe Strat

Fender launches new Deluxe line of guitars, spearheaded by the Deluxe Strat with its Vintage Noiseless pickups and upgraded pickup switching feature.

Charvel Limited Edition Guthrie Govan Signature

Charvel releases Britannica red finish version of the popular Guthrie Govan signature!

Fender Limited Edition Rosewood Neck Telecaster

New limited run Fender American Standard Telecaster with Custom Shop pickups and Rosewood neck.

Esoterik LK27 Baritone Electric Guitar

Esoterik's first ever long scale baritone electric guitar for guitarists who want low tuning without having to switch to 7 or 8-string guitars.

Yamaha Limited Edition Pacifica 612VII

New limited run Pacifica with name brand upgraded hardware, including Seymour Duncan SSH configuration pickups.

PRS SE Mark Holcomb Signature

PRS unveils affordable version of Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb's signature guitar, still equipped with his signature Seymour Duncan pickups.

ESP Bill Kelliher Signature

ESP unveils two new Bill Kelliher guitars, just in time for the 2016 Summer NAMM Show.

Experience PRS 2016 Custom 24-08

A commemorative version of the PRS Custom 24, with built-in mini-switches for coil-splitting.

Fender American Standard Offset Telecaster Ltd Ed

Limited Edition Telecaster - Jazzmaster hybrid that's exclusively available from Make'n Music.

PRS McCarty 594

Mass production version of the popular February Guitar of the Month Private Stock model of the same name.

Guild S-200 T-Bird

New Guild re-issue of a guitar with asymmetrical body from their mid '60s production line.

Expressiv Infinity MIDI Guitar

Unique looking MIDI capable with guitar with super fast latency and extra controls built into the body of the instrument.

Sensus - Guitar Synthesizer Hybrid

Mind Music Labs just launched a new demo video featuring the innovative features of Sensus, their "Smart" Guitar.

Dean Zelinsky Johnny Winter Signature Guitar

Special lightweight guitar with engraved maple top, as used by the late blues guitarist Johnny Winter.

Michael Kelly Patriot Striped Ebony Guitar

Affordable limited run single-cutaway electric guitar that features special striped ebony arched top.

Epiphone Bret Hinds Flying-V Custom

A classic looking Flying-V, co-designed by Mastodon's lead singer and guitarist.

660 Aviator AV27 Aluminum Body Guitar

A modern take on the Flying V shape, with aircraft grade aluminum body and carbon fiber neck.

Gibson Custom Rick Nielsen 1959 Les Paul

Limited run replica of Rick Nielsen's 1959 Les Paul, the guitar he uses mainly with the soon to be Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Cheap Trick band.

Gibson Les Paul Custom Axcess Floyd

Modern and shred-friendly take on the classic LP Custom, with heel-less neck joint and versatile dual humbuckers.

PRS Private Stock Super Eagle - Co-designed by John Mayer

HSH configuration custom built PRS guitar that met John Mayer's spec and tone preferences, limited to only 100 units!

Gretsch G6136T Players Edition White Falcon

A modern more player friendly take on the classic White Falcon design, part of Gretsch's Player's Edition line of instruments.


2016 updated version of PRS original bolt-on neck guitar model, which was first introduced in the late '80s.

Ibanez GB10SE George Benson Signature

Latest iteration of George Benson's popular signature jazz box, this time featuring spruce wood for the top.

Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Guitar

Ernie Ball introduces the 2016 version of their StingRay guitar, with new vintage spec'ed humbuckers.

Reverend Billy Corgan Signature BC-1

Billy Corgan enters into Reverend Guitars' stable and co-designs this new chambered body double cutaway guitar.

Ernie Ball Valentine Signature Guitar

Ernie Ball Music Man introduces the first ever signature guitar of Maroon 5's James Valentine.

Gretsch G2622T Streamliner Center-Block

Gretsch brings back the Streamliner series, one of which is a bigsby equipped semi-hollowbody with new Broad'Tron humbuckers.

Fender The Edge Strat

Fender's latest Strat signature is co-designed by U2 guitarist The Edge, following his vintage '70s Stratocaster.

RJ Super Vintage 5-in-1 Guitar

Semi-hollow body electric guitar that switches between five different guitar voices based on iconic models.

Vox Starstream Type-1

Vox unveils 3D contoured body electric guitar with built-in piezo pickup and instrument modeling capabilities.

Guild Starfire VI

Modern production version of Guild's flagship semi-hollow guitar model from the '60s

Epiphone "1939" Century Lap Steel

Affordable lap steel guitar inspired by vintage 1939 Electar lap steel instruments

Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson Double Neck

Limited edition replica of Alex Lifeson's white EDS-1275 Double Neck guitar from the '70s.

Fender Mike Campbell Heartbreaker Guitar

Fender unveils a relic'ed replica of Mike Campbell's original Broadcaster, mimicking the same aged look and tone as the guitar he used on Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers records.

PRS SE 277 Semi-Hollow Soapbar

Long scale length Baritone guitar from PRS, featuring soapbar pickups and semi-hollow body design.

Epiphone Les Paul Custom 100th Anniversary Outfit

Epiphone celebrates the 100th birthday of Les Paul with a limited edition Les Paul, featuring 24K gold plated hardware.

Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster

The long wait is over, Fender unveils an affordable version of Jimi Hendrix' popular inverted Strat.

Willcox Atlantis Thinline HexFX Edition

Thinline guitar with unique infrared sensor based optical pickup and MIDI compatibility.

Michael Kelly Mod Shop 55

Dual Fralin humbucker equipped Tele style guitar with partial coil tapping feature, priced at just under $700!

Peter Frampton "Phenix" 1954 Les Paul Custom

Limited run reproduction of Frampton's popular Les Paul Custom, only 35 will be made available to the public.

Ibanez Paul Waggoner PWM-100

Ibanez latest signature guitar, a double humbucker super strat style guitar with a thicker body.

Ibanez Mick Thomson Signature MTM1BK

Slipknot's Mick Thomson gets another updated Ibanez signature guitar under.

Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent Signature

Unique looking signature guitar with three mini-humbuckers for Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent.

Vintage V7HTBB 7-String Guitar

Here's a new affordable seven string guitar with genuine Wilkinson hardware.

PRS SE Custom 22

PRS announces the SE line version of their popular vintage style Custom 22 model.

Tyyster Pelti - Sheet Metal Body Guitar

Here's an interesting acoustic resonator and electric guitar hybrid with a body made from sheet metal.

Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Björn Gelotte Les Paul Custom Outfit

Swedish band In Flames guitarist Björn Gelotte gets a Ltd. Ed. Les Paul Custom Signature equipped with EMG active pickups.

PRS 30th Anniversary SE Floyd Custom 24

PRS releases commemorative edition of the Floyd Rose equipped SE Custom 24.

Schecter Trad Custom

HSS Strat style guitar from Schecter, featuring coil-split capable humbucker at the bridge position.

PRS P245 Semi-Hollow

New semi-hollow guitar from PRS' main guitar line with built-in LR Baggs piezo electronics.

Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO

The Joe Pass Emperor-II gets the Epiphone PRO treatment, now featuring coil-tapping circuitry and Probucker pickups.

PRS McCarty 2015

PRS reintroduces the Ted McCarty inspired double cutaway guitar, now with updated coil-split capable pickups, a thicker back and a stoptail bridge.

Reverend Charger 290 LE 2015

Back in production for 2015, the Bigsby equipped Charger 290 LE now comes with three new finish options .

Gibson Brian Ray SG Standard

Gibson introduces the Brian Ray SG Standard, equipped with Bigsby vibrato installed via the non-instrusive Vibramate hardware.

PRS SE Standard Santana

PRS launches their most affordable line of guitars, spearheaded by the SE Standard Santana.

Carvin GH24 Greg Howe Signature

Greg Howe's new signature guitar is now available from Carvin, featuring a chambered body and fast playing neck.

Gibson Ron Wood L-5S

New Gibson L-5S Signature in Tuxedo black look for Rolling Stone's Ron Wood

Framus Pro Series Mayfield Legacy

Framus unveils the new Pro Series Mayfield Legacy, a semi-hollow electric with two Seymour Duncan pickups.

Dean Zelinsky LaVoce

Dean Zelinsky Guitars releases a versatile and lightweight electric guitar, the LaVoce, packed with single-coil, humbucker and piezo pickups.

PRS 30th Anniversary Lefty Custom 24

New limited run commemorative "Lefty" Custom 24 guitars specially made for their 30th Anniversary celebrations.

The Loar LH-302 Thinbody Archtop

Latest archtop from The Loar, featuring a thin full hollow body with florentine cutaway.

Oakland Axe Factory Falcon Headless Guitar

New Headless electric guitar with design emphasis on comfort, efficiency and practicality.

Gibson Eden of Coronet $2M SG Diamond Guitar

This Gibson guitar now holds the Guinness Book of World Records Title as the "most valuable guitar".

Caparison CL15 Custom Line 2015

New limited run double cutaway with carved flamed maple top from Japanese builder Caparison.

ESP USA Horizon II

The string-thru-body and set-thru-neck ESP USA Horizon II now comes with a new headstock shape.

PRS S2 Vela

Another addition to the PRS S2 line, with a new offset shape, newly designed singlecoil pickup and new bridge.

Ibanez RC1320 Prestige Roadcore

Ibanez unveils the top-of-the-line Roadcore model that are built in Japan.

Gibson Trini Lopez ES-335 Ebony 2015

New limited run Trini Lopez ES-335 in black ebony finish, limited to only 200 world wide.

Gretsch G6120SH Brian Setzer Hot Rod

The one knob only Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod series now has more color finishes to choose from.

Gibson Les Paul Supreme 2015

Gibson's flagship guitar is updated for 2015, check out the new features and changes.

Ibanez EKM10T Eric Krasno Signature

Soulive's Eric Krasno gets another semi-hollow body signature guitar release, this time a bit more affordable than the first one..

Suhr 2015 Collection "The One"

Suhr highlights the beauty of quilted maple in this new limited edition release.

Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe

Epiphone brings back the discontinued Gibson Blueshawk, and adds in their modern VariTone rotary switch.

Fender Classic Series '60s Jaguar Lacquer

Fender brings back the '60s era Jaguar as part of their Classic Series.

Ibanez Paul Stanley PS120

New Iceman signature model co-designed by Kiss Frontman Paul Stanley, featuring two Seymour Duncan passive humbuckers

Duesenberg Alliance Series Joe Walsh

First model to come out from the company's new guitar line called Alliance Series, co-designed by Joe Walsh.

Fender Dave Murray California Series Stratocaster

Latest iteration of the long time Iron Maiden guitarist's signature Stratocaster, now with three single-coil-sized Seymour Duncan humbuckers.

Gretsch Brian Setzer Nashville with TV Jones Pickups

Grestch updates the Brian Setzer Nashville signature model and adds Setzer's signature TV Jones Filtertron style pickups.

Line 6 Variax Standard

Latest Strat Style Variax that combines Yamaha's guitar crafting and Line 6 Variax HD technology.

B.C. Rich Mockingbird Contour X

New production model Mockingbird with custom shop like arched quilt maple top.

Godin Montreal Premiere Supreme

Singlecutaway thinline guitar that feature Canadian wild cherry body and figured flamed maple top.

Schecter Chris Poland Solo-6 FR Poltergeist

Latest signature model from Schecter, featuring their hand-crafted custom pickups and exclusive Floyd Rose bridge system.

Epiphone Gary Clark Jr. Blak and Blu Casino

New signature Epiphone Casino with Gibson P-90 pickups.

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Mahogany Top

Unrouted body Les Paul with modern appointments and a mahogany top.

PRS SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24

The popular PRS SE Custom 24 gets the 30th Anniversary treatment with a special version release.

PRS P245

LR Baggs piezo equipped single cutaway guitar from PRS, with two outputs and blend control.

Cort MBC-1 Matthew Bellamy Signature

First mass produced Matthew Bellamy signature guitar is set to be produced by Cort.

Gibson Firebird 7

Blue finish Firebird with triple humbuckers.

Eastwood Link Wray Tribute Guitar

A single-cutaway electric with Link Wray graphic artwork on the top, back and case.

Gibson Explorer Blackout

Another Limited Edition model is unveiled by Gibson, this time an all-black Explorer with two high-output humbuckers.

Reverend Charger 290 LE

Limited Edition version of the Reverend Charger 290 available in 3 finishes, equipped with Bigsby tremolo.

Gibson Dave Grohl ES-335

Limited run Dave Grohl ES-335 announced, available in two finishes gold metallic and Grohl's favorite pelham blue.

Robby Krieger 1954 Les Paul Custom

Hand crafted "aged" replicas of Krieger's vintage workhorse Les Paul Custom.

Gretsch G6136T Falcon Creme de Marine Blue

Gretsch unveils the limited run version of their premium G6136T Falcon model in soft blue finish.

Esoterik DR1

Esoterik introduces Korean-made guitar line that costs just around a quarter of their US made instruments.

Fender American Standard Telecaster HH

US Made Telecaster with two vintage voiced humbuckers.

Gibson ES-335 Lemon Burst

New semi-hollow ES-335 wrapped in a finish mostly associated to solidbody electric guitars.

Squier Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster

Affordable baritone Jazzmaster with longer scale length and tuned A to A.

Ibanez RGKP6 with Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2S

Electric guitar with built-in distortion and EDM-style effects.

Tim Reede Apollo

Chambered body electric with Lollar mini-humbuckers and bigsby bridge.

Gibson Les Paul Classic 7 String

The first Gibson Les Paul model with 7-strings, equipped with Seymour Duncan '59 neck and JB bridge.

Epiphone 2014 Tak Matsumoto DC Custom

New Tak Matsumoto DC Custom model available for worldwide release.

Charvel Pro Mod Super Stock So-Cal Silver Sparkle

Dual humbucker super strat from Charvel in limited edition silver sparkle finish.

PRS Dustie Waring Limited Edition Floyd Custom 24

Limited edition signature guitar that carries the name of Between the Buried and Me guitarist Dustie Waring.

Fender American Standard Stratocaster HSS

Latest iteration of the versatile American Standard Stratocaster HSS configuration.

Epiphone Slash Rosso Corsa Les Paul Standard

Epiphone recreation of Slash' Custom Rosso Corsa Les Paul, which were first mass produced for Gibson.

Gibson Firebird V 2015

2015 version of the Firebird V, now with Zero Fret Adjustable nut, wider neck and improved hardware.

Fender Classic Player Triple Tele

Custom Shop designed Telecaster with three "Nocaster" single-coil pickups.

Gibson Collector's Choice #26 - 1959 Les Paul "Whitford Burst"

Another vintage Les Paul gets the Collector's Choice treatment, this time from the collection of Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford.

EVH Wolfgang WG Standard

The most affordable Wolfgang model from EVH Gear

Gibson Collector's Choice #14 - 1960 Les Paul Waddy Wachtel

Collector's Choice guitar - Waddy Wachtel's Bigsby equipped lemonburst finish Les Paul.

Fender Classic Player Strat HH

Custom Shop designed dual humbucker Strat for under one grand.

Gretsch G6112TCB-JR Center-Block LTD 2-Tone

Limited edition two-tone thinline electric guitar with chambered spruce center block.

BC Rich Warlock Lucky 8

New affordable dual humbucker 8-string electric guitar from BC Rich.

Cort CR230

Traditional single-cutaway guitar meets modern EMG humbuckers with coil-tapping.

Gibson RD Artist

Redesigned RD Artist with new reverse-body design and two active humbuckers.

PRS Brushstroke 24

Limited edition guitar with "brush stroke" birds inlay based on Paul Reed Smith's workhorse instrument.

Gretsch G6137TCB Panther in Flagstaff Sunset

Limited edition red finish for the double cutaway semi-hollow G6137TCB Panther.

Gibson DJ Ashba Signature Les Paul

DJ Ashba's signature Les Paul with black racing stripe graphic and a modified kill switch.

Jackson Custom Shop Special Edition PC1 Ebony

Special custom shop built all-black version of Phil Collen's signature Jackson guitar.

EVH Stripe Series Circles Guitar

Another classic Van Halen graphic is made available on a modern production guitar.

Charvel Super Stock SD1 FR

Sparkly orange finished dual humbucker super strat from Charvel.

Gibson Les Paul All Wood

A Les Paul with figured maple top and back and with all plastic parts converted into rosewood.

PRS S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow

PRS expands their S2 line with a semi-hollow version of the Singlecut model.

LTD Jeff Hanneman Tribute 2014

Limited run LTD version of Jeff Hanneman's ESP "Urban Camo" Signature guitar.

LTD Ride The Lightning

Limited run electric guitar that commemorates the 30th anniversary of Metallica's 2nd album, Ride the Lightning.

PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow

Another semi-hollow from the PRS S2 line, this time a thinline version of the S2 Custom 22 model.

Gibson Explorer 120

The iconic Explorer is available in limited run commemorative edition.

PRS S2 Mira Semi Hollow

Dual humbucker semi-hollow version of the PRS S2 Mira.

Eastman Ray Benson Signature

Eastman Guitars expand their thinline collection with new T486-RB Ray Benson signature.

PRS Custom 24 Semi-Hollow

Limited run thinline version of PRS' popular Custom 24 line.

Gibson SG Standard 120

120th Anniversary SG based on vintage SGs from the mid-60s.

Gibson ES - Les Paul

Les Paul with semi-hollow body built using the same technique as their ES Series guitars.

Gibson B.B. King Lucille 65th Anniversary

New Lucille B.B. King signature released in celebration of Lucille's 65th birthday!

Gibson ES-335 Studio 2014

Last year's trapeze tailpiece and single pickup ES-335 Studio is replaced by a more close-to-original version!

Carvin Neil Zaza Signature NZ624 Guitar

Neil's customized Carvin CT624 model is finally turned into a signature guitar with single-volume control setup.

Gibson Les Paul Supreme 2014 with F holes!

This year's top-of-the-line Les Paul model takes a jazzy turn, complete with chambered body and f holes.

Music Man Majesty John Petrucci Signature

New neck-through signature guitar with laser etched and stained maple top.

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Long Scale

One way to describe it, a Gibson Les Paul that plays and sounds slightly like a Strat (with humbuckers)!.

Gibson Rich Robinson ES-335

Rich Robinson of Black Crowes is the latest artist to have his signature guitar produced by Gibson.

PRS "Lefty" Custom 24 for 2014

Left handed version of the "original" PRS guitar that Paul took to his first tradeshow in 1985.

Gibson Joe Bonamassa "SkinnerBurst" 1959 Les Paul

Gibson Custom limited edition replica of Joe Bonamassa's workhorse 1959 faded sunburst Les Paul.

The Loar LH-301T Thinline Archtop

An archtop that combines classic appeal with modern thinline playability

Washburn N4CV Nuno Bettencourt Signature

Another take on Nuno's popular signature guitar, featuring Carbon Fiber fretboard!

Gibson Skunk Baxter Firebird

New signature Firebird with three mini-humbucker pickups that feature split-coil switches.

Jackson Soloist SLX 2014

More feisty colors for the neck-through-body Soloist SLX for 2014.

Epiphone Casino Coupe

Smaller and slicker full hollowbody Casino from Epiphone.

Godin Empire Black HB

Dual humbucker single cutaway electric guitar from Godin

Gibson SGJ 2014

USA made Gibson SG model that you can get for under $500!

Gretsch Custom Shop 10th Anniversary Duo Jet NOS

Special Duo Jet in beautiful red pearloid finish, limited to only 10 guitars worldwide.

Eastwood Airline '59 Newport

Retro looking guitar with modern pickup configuration that includes two mini-humbuckers and one piezo bridge pickup.

Schecter Stealth C-7

New affordable 7-string guitar from Schecter, with a slim body and easy access cutaway.

Gibson Billy F. Gibbons Goldtop

New Les Paul Goldtop signature, limited to only 300 worldwide.

Jackson 30th Anniversary Soloist

Jackson pays tribute to the three decade old Soloist model with a limited run 30th anniversary release.

ESP LTD Alex Skolnick AS-1FM LB

New from LTD, an affordable version of the ESP Alex Skolick Signature.

Guild CE-100D Capri with Bigsby

Another rare and old model that Guild resurrected, a slimmer-bodied jazzbox with vibrato.

Gibson Les Paul Futura 2014

Something cool for 2014, a "budget" Les Paul with robot tuner, split-coil P90 neck/Humbucker bridge and a built-in 15db boost!

Fender Custom Shop Nile Rodgers Hitmaker Stratocaster

Limited edition replicas of the guitar that helped Nile Rodgers score his many hits!

Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature

Full specs of the Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature finally unveiled, starts shipping May.

Eastwood California Rebel

Eastwood Guitars replicate the now rare 1967 Domino Californian Rebel surf-style guitar.

Squier 60th Anniversary Classic Vibe '50s Stratocaster

Affordable Strat with premium looks, thanks to its aztec gold finish and gold hardware.

Ibanez Paul Gilbert 25th Anniversary Model FRM250MF

New 25th anniversary Paul Gilbert signature from Ibanez - a limited edition Fireman.

Guild Starfire V with Bigsby

Guild brings back another one of their '60s era electric guitar designs!

Duesenberg Johnny Depp Artist Series

The rock musician turned accomplished actor gets a "Duesy" Signature Guitar!

Eastman T184MX-LS Lil Smokey

New handcrafted 335-style thinline guitar with an all-solid wood true hollow body.

Fender Fishman TriplePlay Stratocaster HSS

HSS Strat with Noiseless singlecoils and Pearly Gates humbucker come with wireless MIDI control capability and built-in USB audio interface.

LTD James Hetfield White Iron Cross

James Hetfield's signature Iron Cross is now available in white finish and under under the more affordable LTD label.

Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker 2014

In celebration of Gibson's 120th anniversary, the most affordable American-made Les Paul gets a makeover for 2014.

PRS SE Zach Myers Signature 2014

PRS introduces the second iteration of the SE guitar that bears the signature of Shinedown's frontman.

Fender 2014 Custom Deluxe Stratocaster

New high-end Strats with AAA grade quilted maple top, available in three colorful transparent finishes.

Gibson Les Paul Recording

The Les Paul Recording model is back, featuring two outputs - a regular high-z output for amps and a low-z output for going direct to mixers.

PRS SE Marty Friedman

New signature SE electric guitar from PRS featuring a single cutaway body with dual humbuckers.

Dean Thoroughbred Stealth Black Satin

Active pickup equipped shred machine with classic style body in elegant black finish.

Graham Coxon Telecaster

The Graham Coxon Telecaster with Seymour Duncan '59 SH-1 humbucker on the neck position is back in production.

Reverend Tricky Gomez LE

New limited edition version of Reverend's retro-looking semi-hollow guitar with Bigsby tremolo.

Fender Vintage Hot Rod '50s Telecaster

American made '50s era SH configuration Tele with modified 4-way pickup selector.

EVH Wolfgang Custom Deluxe

New USA made Wolfgang guitar, featuring a vintage-style '50s era neck profile.

20th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue

New period-correct replica of 1959 Les Paul Standards, with a limited run of just 100.

Eastwood Airline Map in Sunburst Finish

Classic looking Sunburst finish Airline Map guitars with only 16 units in production, now available.

Fender Vintage Hot Rod '60s Stratocaster

American made Strat that combines vintage specs with modern pickup switching modifications.

Gibson 1961 Les Paul Tribute

The Les Paul rejected design makes a comeback, featuring a re-engineered Sideways Vibrato.

Fender Deluxe Lone Star Stratocaster

The hot-rodded Strat is updated, featuring Texas special single coils and a Twin Head humbucker on the bridge with coil splitting circuitry.

Gretsch G5620T-CB Electromatic Center Block

New thinline guitar with a solid sitka spruce center block that runs along the length of the body.

Kauer Acadian Thinline Electric Guitar

Upcoming thinline Jazz guitar from Kauer Guitars, featuring a unique ported semi-hollow body.

Gibson Zakk Wylde Moderne of Doom

Here's another signature guitar for Zakk, this time featuring an odd shape based on an unreleased model from the late '50s.

Beggars Banquet Telecaster

A tribute to one of Rolling Stone's enduring albums, limited to only 300 and only available at

Gibson Slash Signature Vermillion Les Paul

There's always room for one more Slash Signature guitar, this time with a lighter transparent red finish.

Squier '51

This original design from Squier gained quite the following, prompting a role reversal where Fender copied this design back in 2011.

Gibson M-III

If you think that Gibson is all about classic rock guitar designs, then you should take a look at the shred friendly M-III.

Gibson Custom 20th Anniversary 1957 Les Paul Black Beauty

This detailed remake of the 1957 Les Paul Custom is limited to only 100 pieces.

Gretsch G5135CVT-PS Patrick Stump Signature

Gretsch uploaded a video of Stump discussing the features and the stories behind his signature instrument, which now comes in white finish.

Gibson Midtown Kalamazoo

Based on the 1955 released Byrdland guitar, which was co-designed by Billy Byrd and Hank Garland.

Fender Modern Player Coronado

Inspired by '60s era Fender Coronado guitars, featuring a semi-hollow body with two Fideli'Tron pickups

Eastwood Marksman 5

Eastwood releases a replica of the rare Paul Bigsby designed 1957 Magnatone Mark V.

AMI S3 Electric Guitar

An S-style guitar with 30 added pickup tones on top of the standard 5 single coil sounds.

Fender Modern Player Starcaster

Based on the rarely seen Starcaster model that first appeared in the mid '70s, with some notable changes.

Fender Rosewood Telecaster

Limited run replica of the now rare and highly collectible Rosewood Telecaster, first released in the late '60s.

Gibson Kirk Douglas SG

The Roots guitarist gets a hot-rodded signature SG guitar with coil tap and middle pickup blending.

Gibson 50th Anniversary 1963 ES-335

Gibson recreates the 1963 ES-335, distinguished by its block inlay and made popular by artists like Eric Clapton, Larry Carlton, Alvin Lee and more.

Ibanez AT10P

An affordable take on Andy Timmons' high-end signature guitar.

Gibson Luther Dickinson ES-335

A signature semi-hollow designed to match Luther Dickinson's dynamic blues and slide playing.

G&L Tribute Series Fallout

A modern and more affordable take on the Leo Fender designed G&L SC-2, featuring a small double cutaway body, a P90 neck pickup and a splittable Humbucker on the bridge position.

Gibson Elliot Easton “Tikibird” Firebird

A classic looking Firebird with modern coil splitting circuitry and Bigsby with Vibramate Spoiler.

Fender American Telecaster Rustic Ash

New limited edition Telecaster with a unique aged look, featuring Texas Tele pickups with a "no load" tone knob.

Jackson JS32Q Dinky Arch Top

New dual humbucker electric guitar from Jackson's affordable JS series, featuring an quilted maple arched top.

G&L Tribute Superhawk Deluxe Jerry Cantrell

This is a more affordable take on the dual humbucker Jerry Cantrell USA made signature model.

Gibson Slash Signature Rosso Corsa Les Paul

Gibson unveils another Slash Signature Les Paul, sporting the same visuals and finish as found on the transparent-red Les Paul that he uses on stage.

Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS Swirl

New random swirl finished Stratocaster with HSS pickup configuration, where no two guitars look the same!

Gibson Memphis ES-390

A thinline-size hollow body guitar with a size that is 15% smaller than the popular ES-335.

Squier Vintage Modified Cabronita Telecaster

The most affordable Carbonita Telecaster in the market, also available with Bigsby.

Gibson LPX

The classic Les Paul gets the Gibson "X" treatment, featuring robot tuners and built-in sound processing.

The Loar LH-280 Archtop

New affordable hollow body guitar based on classic florentine archtop designs with dual humbucker pickups.

Nancy Wilson Nighthawk Standard

New signature guitar featuring split coil humbucker pickups and high-end tonewoods

Reverend Rick Vito Signature - Updated

The solid body guitar with unique stream-lined body and hardware now comes in two new finishes.

Suhr Classic T Antique

Suhr's tribute to the Telecaster, combining classic design with modern playability.

Fender Wilko Johnson Signature Telecaster

A special Europe-only Telecaster built with the help of the Dr Feelgood guitarist, featuring his distinctive black and red color combination.

Limited Edition Eastwood Classic 12 Guitar

A limited run of only 24 Eastwood Classic 12 guitars are now available in flamed honeyburst finish.

Jackson JS32-8Q Eight-String Electric Guitar

A new reasonably priced 8-string electric guitar from Jackson Guitars.

Suhr Mahogany Deluxe

The Suhr Mahogany Deluxe is a limited run of 50 instruments that showcase mahogany and their brand of craftsmanship.

Eastwood Airline Jupiter Pro

Eastwood Guitars team up with Dallas Green to release upgraded versions of of the Airline Jupiter.

Gibson Rudolf Schenker Flying V

Gibson introduces a new signature Flying V, honoring the Scorpion's founder and long time guitarist.

G&L Savannah Collection ASAT Classic Bluesboy

This guitar features tonewoods that are native to the African Savannah, an Okoume semi-hollow body and Korina top.

Gibson ES-339 Studio

A semi-hollow meant for rock, featuring stripped down embellishments, a smaller body and a single high output humbucker.

Gibson Custom 20th Anniversary 1965 Firebird VII Reissue

Another limited edition take on the Firebird, this time featuring three Mini humbuckers and a golden mist poly finish.

Duesenberg Peter Stroud Dragster DD2 Multibender

Long time Doozy player Peter Stroud gets his own signature model, featuring the Duesenberg Multibender bridge.

Gibson 20th Anniversary Nighthawk Standard

A guitar that comes with a slimmer LP style shape and features three different but complimentary pickups.

Cort EVL X7

A reasonably priced electric guitar with high-gain friendly features.

Duesenberg Starplayer TV Deluxe

New version of the popular "Doozy" model, featuring two humbuckers with Vari-tone pickup-coil blending.

Gibson Joe Walsh 1960 Les Paul

Gibson releases limited run replicas of Joe's vintage Tangerine Burst 1960 Les Paul.

Gibson Frank Zappa Roxy SG

A reproduction of the modified '60s SG special used by Frank Zappa, featuring coil splitting and out-of-phase switching.

Fender Limited Custom Deluxe Jazzmaster

A limited run Jazzmaster with a lightweight okoume body and honey blond finish.

40th Anniversary Buck Dharma Signature Guitar

A unique looking guitar built for Buck Dharma of Blue Oyster Cult, featuring two DiMarzio humbuckers with coil splitting.

Fender Carbonita Telecaster Thinline

A guitar that combines the lightweight structure of the Telecaster Thinline with the distinct visuals of the Carbonita series

Gibson Gary Moore Les Paul Standard

A production model based on Gary's favorite guitar, featuring a beautiful lemonburst finish with mismatched amber and goldtop knobs.

Warren Ellis Signature Tenor 2P

Eastwood Guitars add a mini-humbucking pickup to the bridge of the Warren Ellis Signature Tenor.

AWE-3DG 3D Printed Guitar

A dual TV Jones Power'Tron equipped instrument with a 3D printed body, featuring up to 76 pickup tones.

Gibson Bill Kelliher Golden Axe Explorer

Gibson and Mastodon's Bill Kelliher comes up with a gold burst finish explorer, featuring coil-split Lace Nitro Hemi humbuckers.

Epiphone Brendon Small Thunderhorse Explorer

Epiphone follows up on the sold out Gibson Dethklok Thunderhorse Explorer with their own affordable version.

Gibson Joe Perry 1959 Les Paul

Gibson introduces the limited run replicas of Joe's 1959 Sunburst Les Paul.

Gibson Les Paul Custom Lite

A thinner and lighter Les Paul in ebony finish with coil-splitting humbuckers.

Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT Double Neck Diadem

Dean Guitars announces the availability of the 2013 Dave Mustaine Signature VMNT Double Neck guitar with Custom Diadem art finish.

Gibson 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Reissue

We can't have enough of Goldtop Reissues, so this time Gibson based it on the 1957 model with upgraded hardware and pickups.

Epiphone Limited Edition Genesis Deluxe Pro

As promised, Epiphone brings back the Genesis Deluxe Pro, now with upgraded ProBucker coil-tapping pickups.

Reverend Six Gun 2.5

Reverend Guitars makes the redesigned Six Gun prototype available as limited run instruments.

Washburn P4

Washburn re-issues this retro looking guitar which caught popularity back in the '90s.

ErnieBall MusicMan Armada

Here is a unique looking guitar that turned quite a number of heads at the recently held 2013 NAMM show.

EVH Striped Series

The famous EVH Stripes are back, featured on the new affordable production EVH Striped Series models!

G&L ASAT Classic 'S' Alnico

G&L now offers a three single-coil alnico pickup configuration ASAT Classic for that added Twang.

Jackson Chris Broderick Soloist 7

Jackson starts 2013 with a barrage of metal axes headed by Chris Broderick's Signature Soloist 7-string.

Roland G-5A VG Stratocaster

Fender and Roland introduces the Roland G-5A VG Stratocaster, an American Standard Strat that has COSM sound modeling built in.

Fender Ritchie Blackmore Tribute Stratocaster

Fender Custom Shop pays homage to Ritchie Blackmore and the axe that he used to co-write, record and play the iconic guitar riffs of "Smoke on the Water".

Godin Acousticaster 40th Anniversary

Godin Guitars commemorates their 40th anniversary by creating this great looking limited edition acoustic-electric hybrid instrument.

Fender Select Telecaster Thinline

Fender introduces 2013 Select Telecaster Thinline, a premium, top-of-the-line version of their popular semi-hollow electric guitar.

Schecter TSH-1 Classic

Schecter introduces the TSH-1 Classic, a retro looking guitar with dual lipstick humbuckers.

Gretsch Billy Duffy Falcon Guitar

Gretsch introduces the G7593T Billy Duffy Falcon Signature Guitar, a '70s era silver themed variation of the White Falcon.

Ibanez RG8 - Affordable 8-String Electric Guitar

Ibanez has just made 8-string guitars more affordable and accessible with the Ibanez RG8 fixed bridge guitars.

Gibson Les Paul Signature "T"

2013 is Gibson's year of the Les Paul and their celebration starts early with the new Les Paul Signature "T" tribute guitar.

Epiphone Tommy Thayer Spaceman Les Paul Limited Edition

Epiphone introduces the limited edition Tommy Thayer Spaceman Les Paul, available in Stage-played or Custom-Autographed packages.

Gadow Guitars - The Bird

The Bird is Gadow Guitar's latest hand made instrument, a homage to the classic FireBird model made in the '60s.

Sheryl Crow 1959 Custom Telecaster by Fender

Fender introduces the new Limited Edition Sheryl Crow 1959 Custom Telecaster, honoring the singer and supporting breast cancer awareness.

Squier USB Stratocaster Guitar

Fender releases the Squier USB Stratocaster Guitar, with built-in USB for connecting directly to Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch.

Ibanez Roadcore RC320

Ibanez introduces a guitar that packs modern build and playability into a retro body shape - the Roadcore RC320.

Ibanez AR420

Ibanez expands their Artist Series guitars with the versatile Ibanez AR420, featuring Tri-Sound pickup switching.

Fender Telecaster Thinline Super Deluxe

Fender introduces the Telecaster Thinline Super Deluxe, featuring elegant appointments and Fideli'Tron Humbuckers.

Gittler Guitar

Gittler Instruments introduces the newly improved Gittler Guitar, a unique cylindrical guitar made entirely from Titanium.

Eastwood Airline Bobkat

Eastwood Guitars brings back another classic design with the Airline Bobkat, based on the '60s era Harmony Bobkat.

Godin Montreal Premiere Semi Hollow

Godin Guitars introduces their latest semi-hollow guitar, the Montreal Premiere, featuring Godin's "breathe-through" carved-core design.

Gretsch G5422TDCG Cherry Blossom

Gretsch introduces the limited edition G5422TDCG in Cherry Blossom finish - 200 guitars that feature a white finish with a slight hint of red.

Eastwood Airline Espanada

The Airline Espanada is a hollow body guitar from Eastwood, with specs and sounds based on an old Harmony H63 guitar.

Fender Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe

Fender recently released the Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe, a humbucker equipped signature Telecaster for the Foo Fighters guitarist.

Gibson Nitrous Les Paul Studio

Gibson reinvents their most popular guitar yet again with the new Nitrous Les Paul Studio, this time applying hot-rodded color finishes.

iGuitar9.13 Left Handed

iGuitar Workshop brings their brand of synth and piezo versatility to lefties with the new iGuitar9.13 Left Handed model.

Jackson KVMG Pro Series King V

The KVMG Pro Series King V is part of the new Pro Series models from Jackson, featuring shred friendly features in a killer V shape.

Schroeder WWII G.I. Guitar

Schroeder Guitars completed their WWII GI Guitar, a custom guitar that showcases World War II era components.

Washburn PS12 Starfire Paul Stanley Signature

Washburn introduces the PS12 Starfire Paul Stanley Signature guitar, an affordable alternative to the Custom Shop model.

Line 6 JTV-69S Guitar

Line 6 introduces another James Tyler Variax model, the JTV-69S with Strat-like design and 3 single coil pickups.

Eastwood Airline ’59 Coronado Sailor Jerry Custom

Eastwood Guitars team up with tattoo, rum and lifestyle marketing man Sailor Jerry to create the Airline ’59 Coronado Sailor Jerry Custom.

PRS SE Custom 24 7-String

PRS unveils their first ever 7-String production line instrument, the SE Custom 24 7-String.

Gibson Les Paul Traditional 12-String

Gibson introduces the Les Paul Traditional 12-String, a 12-string version of their most popular electric guitar.

Eastwood Hi-Flyer Phase 4 Electric Guitar

Eastwood Guitars brings back a classic guitar design with the new Hi-Flyer Phase 4, featuring a slanted neck pickup.

Jackson SLATTXMG3-7 Soloist 7-String

Jackson introduces their latest 7-String, the SLATTXMG3-7, featuring an arched-top body and EMG 707 pickups.

New G&L Tribute Series S-500

G&L updates the Tribute Series S-500 guitar, featuring a big change - the Strat shaped body is now made of mahogany.

G5191TMS Tim Armstrong Signature Electromatic Hollowbody

Gretsch honors Rancid founder Tim Armstrong with new signature models, one being a Bigsby equipped hollow body, the G5191TMS Electromatic.

Ibanez S920

The Ibanez S920 is part of the Premium sub-division of their S-series, featuring enhanced playability, EMG pickups and carved top aesthetics.

Fender Cabronita Telecaster

Fender unveils its production line Cabronita Telecaster, an affordable version of the Cabronita Telebration series guitar, featuring Fideli'Tron humbucking pickups.

Suhr Limited Edition Korina Flame

Suhr unveils the Limited Edition Korina Flame, these are fine looking HSS configuration Strat clones that highlight the elegance of Korina tonewood.

Epiphone Limited Edition ES 335 Pro

The Epiphone Limited Edition ES 335 Pro modernizes the traditional ES-335 semi-hollow design, with its coil-tapping humbuckers.

LTD Bela Lugosi Dracula Guitar - ESP Horror Themed Guitars

ESP guitars unveiled the LTD Bela Lugosi Dracula Guitar, their first horror-themed guitar after getting a licensing agreement with Lugosi Enterprises

De Gier Surfer - Crowdsourced Strat

De Gier Guitars unveil the Surfer guitar, a crowdsourced strat combining the suggestions of guitarists and De Gier's construction ideas.

Esoterik DR3 Hand Crafted Electric Guitar

Esoterik Guitars expands on the Dave Refett signature series with a third and lightweight model, the Esoterik DR3.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Quilt Top Pro

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Quilt Top Pro offers another affordable alternative to the modern Les Paul, featuring AAA quilt maple veneer tops.

Electric Beamer II - Guitar Made from BMW Engine

he Electric Beamer II from AM Guitars is a one-of-a-kind guitar made from recycled materials, specifically a BMW's engine intake manifold.

Gibson Midtown Standard P-90

The Gibson Midtown Standard P-90 features a smaller ES-335 like semi-hollow body, equipped with P-90 pickups.

Jackson Adrian Smith Signature SDX

Jackson teams up with Iron Maiden's axe wielder once more to develop an affordable heavy metal super strat - the Adrian Smith Signature SDX.

Gretsch G5422DC-12 12-String Hollow Body

The Gretsch G5422DC-12 is a 12-string hollow body guitar from the Electromatic series, equipped with Black Top Filter'Tron pickups.

Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1969 Relic Stratocaster

The Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1969 Relic Stratocaster comes with a moderately aged finish and a cool looking reverse headstock.

Gibson Grace Potter Signature Flying V at Summer NAMM 2012

Gibson unveils the Grace Potter Signature Flying V at Summer NAMM 2012, featuring upgraded pickups and nocturnal brown nitrocellulose finish.

Vox Apache Travel Guitars

In time for Summer NAMM 2012, Vox announces the US pricing of their Apache Travel Guitars, featuring the return of classic Vox guitar shapes.

Gretsch G5420LH Electromatic Left Handed

Gretsch adds a left handed hollow-body guitar to their Electromatic range, the G5420LH, featuring Black Top Filter'Tron pickups.

Danelectro Hodad Guitars 2012

The Danelectro Hodad Guitars are back in 2012, these are reissues of Danelectro's Dual-Lipstick pickup equipped guitars.

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Deluxe

Squier introduces the Vintage Modified Telecaster Deluxe, a Tele equipped with Fender designed Wide Range Humbuckers.

Fender Black Paisley Stratocaster HSS

The Fender Black Paisley Stratocaster HSS is a modified Strat with a humbucker bridge, wrapped in a swirling black paisley finish.

PRS Stripped 58

The 2011 limited run PRS Stripped 58 model is now part of Paul Reed Smith core line up of solid-body electric guitars.

G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow Guitars - New Models

G&L adds three new models to the Tribute Series family, ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow Guitar series.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro

The Epiphone Les Paul PlusTop Pro is a modern upgrade to the classic Les Paul design, featuring ProBucker pickups with coil tapping.

Epiphone G-400 Pro SG

The Epiphone G-400 Pro is a modern take on 1962 Gibson SGs, featuring Alnico Classic Pro pickups with coil-tapping.

Gibson Les Paul Studio '70s Tribute

The Gibson Les Paul Studio '70s Tribute follows up on the '50s and '60s era Studio Tributes, this time featuring mini humbuckers.

Gibson SG Special ‘70s Tribute

The SG Special '70s Tribute guitar is a relatively affordable SG that pays homage to Gibson's popular 1970's rock guitars.

Paul Landers Signature Les Paul from Gibson

Gibson teams up with the enigmatic metal guitarist from the popular European band Rammstein - to come up with the Paul Landers Signature Les Paul.

Jason Becker Tribute - Carvin JB200C

Carvin honors neo-classical guitarist Jason Becker with a tribute guitar, the Carvin JB200C, based on his original DC200.

Ibanez Jem70v Steve Vai Signature

The sea foam green Ibanez Jem70V is a relatively more affordable take on the popular Steve Vai Signature series guitars.

Limited Edition Gil Parris Signature from Reverend Guitars

Reverend Guitars decided to coat their versatile Gil Parris Signature Guitar in transparent red for a limited release.

Collector's Choice #3: 1960 Les Paul "The Babe"

The 1960 Les Paul "The Babe" is Gibson Custom's Collector's Choice #3, a remake of an early '60s transitional Les Paul equipped with Bigsby vibrato.

Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom Vertigo from Gibson

The Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom Vertigo is a Gibson US made guitar that mirrors its name sake - "high on personality and loaded with tone".

Ben Lacy Signature DC1P from Brian Moore Custom Shop

Brian Moore Custom Shop introduces the Ben Lacy Signature guitar, designed for percussive style guitar players.

Lee Roy Parnell Signature '57 Les Paul Goldtop

Gibson honors an outstanding artist with an equally outstanding guitar - the Lee Roy Parnell Signature '57 Les Paul Goldtop.

Cort Sunset I Semi-Hollow Guitar

Cort Sunset I is a unique looking semi-hollow body electric guitar that mixes traditional design features from various classics.

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2012

Gibson decided to make big changes on the popular Gibson Les Paul Standard, now comes with new split coil pickups and a modern weight relieved mahogany body.

Kirk Hammett Flying V by Gibson

Gibson honors Metallica's lead guitarist with a limited run Kirk Hammett signature Flying V, based on his first ever Gibson.

Martin Performing Artist Series - DCPA4, GPCPA4, OMCPA4 Rosewood

The DCPA4 Rosewood, GPCPA4 Rosewood and OMCPA4 Rosewood add new tonal options to Martin's Performing Artist Series Guitars.

Burst Finish Ibanez Artcore - AF85TDGVLS and AS93VLS

The Ibanez full hollow body AF85TDGVLS and smaller semi-hollow AS93VLS are Ibanez Artcore Series guitars in violin sunburst finish.

American Standard Hand Stained Ash Stratocaster HSH

The Fender American Standard Hand Stained Ash Stratocaster HSH is a distinctive looking supercharged version of the classic strat design.

Adrian Galysh Signature C-90F

The Adrian Galysh Signature C-90F Guitar is a custom guitar that resulted from the collaboration between the Galysh and Brian Moore Guitars.

Eric Gales Endorsement for Magneto Guitars - Sonnet Raw Dawg

Blues extraordinaire Eric Gales, aka Raw Dawg, has teamed up with Magneto to build the Sonnet Eric Gales "Raw Dawg" Custom guitar.

Fender Kurt Cobain Mustang

Fender follows up the release of the Kurt Cobain Jaguar with the Kurt Cobain Mustang, modeled after Kurt's favorite modified guitar.

Gibson Jeff Tweedy Signature SG

Gibson honors Jeff Tweedy's achievements in country, alternative and experimental rock music with the Jeff Tweedy Signature SG.

Paul Kossoff 1959 Les Paul Standard

Gibson pays tribute to another guitar legend with the limited run Paul Kossof 1959 Les Paul Standard.

2012 PRS DGT Standard - David Grissom Trem Signature

The 2012 PRS DGT Standard comes in a solid mahogany body, providing a warmer alternative tone to the original David Grissom Trem series guitars.

Ibanez LGB300 George Benson Signature Guitar

Ibanez has recently unveiled the classic looking Ibanez LGB300, the newest member of their George Benson signature series.

The Best Hollow-Body Guitars:

Gretsch G6120 Chet Atkins - Gibson Custom ES-175 - Rickenbacker 330 - Ibanez LGB300 George Benson Signature

Paul Brett Signature Vintage electro-acoustic guitars

Paul Brett, a known 12-string acoustic guitar expert, has worked together with Vintage to create his very own 12 string and 6 string signature models.

Gibson SG '61 Reissue Satin

The Gibson SG '61 Reissue, is back in 2012, and this time with new Satin finishes that give it an aged look and feel.

Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus

The Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus is designed for metal and rock players, retaining the traditional shape while gaining modifications that redefine its sound and playability.

Gretsch Rancher Acoustic Guitars

Gretsch reintroduced their Rancher Acoustic Guitars which first appeared in the early '50s, each bearing a unique triangular sound hole.

Fender Select Guitars

Fender Select is the new premium electric guitar series from Fender, five carefully selected guitars for select individuals.


Paul Reed Smith's first Solidy Body Piezo Guitar which sounds like both an electric and acoustic guitar.

Washburn Paul Stanley Signature Acoustic Flying V

Also known at the PSAV or the PSAVWH, this is certainly an unusual acoustic guitar.

Ibanez 25th Anniversary RG1XXV

25 years after Ibanez first launched the RG series, the RG1XXV borrows some color from the past with some modern touches..

Peavey AT-200

Peavey have teamed up with Antares to bring you the AT-200, a guitar that simulates tuning.

Ace Frehley Budokan Les Paul Custom

Epiphone say their designers worked closely with Ace and his original "Budokan" Les Paul to create a faithful reproduction of his favorite Les Paul as it is today.

00-45SC John Mayer Limited Edition Martin Guitar

Only 25 of these have been made, and John Mayer personally signed and numbered each one at Winter NAMM 2012.

Guild Arcos Acoustic Guitars

Guild has unveiled the AD-3, AD-3CE and AO-3CE Arcos guitars, the newest acoustic guitar series that feature Guild's signature arched-back design.

Fender 50th Anniversary Jaguar Guitar

Fender will take NAMM 2012 participants back to 1962 with the 50th Anniversary Jaguar guitar, paying homage to Jaguar's history by combining the features of both the old and new.

The 335-S from Gibson, a solidbody 335

Gibson reintroduces the 335-S, retaining the distinctive shape of the famous 335 guitar but in a smaller, thinner and solidbody package.

Gibson L6S Reissue

The Gibson L6S was originally released in 1973, and whilst it's fair to say it didn't take the world by storm, it did pick up some notable fans including Carlos Santana.

Epiphone ES-355 Limited Edition

Epiphone have released their re-issue of the Gibson classic thinline, double cutaway, archtop semi-electric guitar - the ES-355.

Epiphone ES-345 Limited Edition

Finally an affordable version of the ever popular ES-345.

Synyster Gates Custom-S Signature from Schecter

Schecter have unveiled the Synyster Gates Custom-S Signature, featuring Syn's Sustainiac System.

Ibanez AF55 & Ibanez AS53

Ibanez makes some respectable hollow bodies, and the AF55 & AS53 are no exception.


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