Guitarix that turns your Linux based computer into a virtual personalized guitar rig complete with multiple amplifiers and effects.


It utilizes JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit), making it compatible with various audio devices, and it is free to download.

At first glance, you will notice that this is not your average free amp and effects modeling software, Guitarix comes with good visuals. It features a graphical user interface that is intuitive and straightforward, easily on the same level as other commercially available guitar effects software.

It comes with analog-like knobs, switches and sliders for controlling parameters, while incorporating familiar drop down menus for quick navigating through its variety of features. It is definitely meant to be a professional tool that can be freely used by guitarists with Linux based computers.

As for the sound, it works much in the same way as other amp modeler and effects software, capturing your guitar’s mono signal via an audio interface or your soundcard, and then running this signal through a virtual amp and rack signal path. You can then fill up the signal paths with your choice of amps and effects – of which Linux will apply to your guitar signal in real time like hardware. The developer boasts that on a properly set-up Linux system, very minimal latency is observed, measured at no more than 10 milli-seconds.

The amp modeling feature is quite extensive, letting you choose among virtual representations of famous amplifier models and brands. Still the developer does not to just imitate real amps, they want it to be a different amp in its own right, so they added customization features. You can modify the virtual amplifiers as you see fit by picking your preferred type of tube! This changes the character and tonality of the virtual amp and expands the tonal possibilities by wide margin. You can also vary the speakers and cabinets to your liking, giving you more control over your guitar sound. The developer encourages you to “try the wildest combinations to make Guitarix your very own personal amplifier”.

On the Rack section, there are 25 built-in effect modules to choose from, covering essentials like noise-gate, modulation and overdrive, non-essentials but nifty effects are also provided like the tuner and auto-wah. Having been designed to work with Linux DAWs, you can also utilize LADSPA format effect plug-ins to expand the number of effects you can apply to your guitar.

Rounding off its features is Zita-Convolver, which lets you convolve your sound with the thousands of impulse-response (IR) files available online. With this, you can use various types of IRs to produce cathedral-like echoes, and even mimic the ballsy punch of a vintage closed back amp.

Since its available for free, there really is no excuse for not having this powerful guitar effects software on your Linux computer.

You can download the latest version by visiting Sourceforge.

For more information about this software and to check out source code, you can visit the Guitarix page.

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