Fendson Guitars


I didn't know Fendson guitars exist until I googled the name yesterday.

I was wondering if anybody owned a Fendson ?

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Excellent turnup, Vincent. Best of all, the Fendson guitars feature a Rickenbacker 4001 body style. Gotta admire the company's chutzpah :lol:

1bassleft wrote:
the Fendson guitars feature a Rickenbacker 4001 body style.

--- and Gibson Firebird headstock !... They ain't so bad anyway....

Vince, I thought the deluxe versions had a finish that was... well, you'd have to be a bit flamboyant to get away with it. Y'know, the "Windsor" and the "Royale".

I popped them into the worst colur/finish thread. Not because they are the worst (there are some real vomiters in there) but they're certainly out of the ordinary. A good find, mate.

I think that the body decoration on these guitars is a bit beyond "flamboyant" 1BL. The thing I find a bit strange is these guitars are being built in Tahlequah which is the capital of the Cherokee Indian Nation and yet the iconography of the decoration is all European. Just seems like Rick might look closer to home for decorative inspiration. Must not have many American Indian craftsmen working in the shop. SB

and he doesnt appear to have a European outlet for his guitars, maybe there is a buisness opportunity for us there? The Windsor looks all set to take the the best selling £1,000+ guitar trophy, at least for the Windsor area.
I think they are very nice guitars. Would'nt mind trying one out.

They're working on the Christmas speech already:

"My husband and I have taken up shredding..."

Or 'God save the queen' played by 20 of the queens finest all playing the Windsor through 3 X Vox Ac30's with the deacy amps on top, all playing in unison like Hendrix on the star spangled banner, what a sight, wheres my cheque book ? i want a Windsor!! :D

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