That Particular Guitar would make my life complete.

Pages Les Paul? Hendrix's 68' Strat? maybe Claptons Blackie? if there is a guitar that you could hang on your wall in a glass air vacumed case, or maybe dare to take it out and play it? or take it to that blues jam night down your local? what guitar would it be??

Ive always been influenced by 'The Jam' and later The solo artist Paul Weller, (but not Style Council), seen The Jam 2 times, and Weller twice, and at a gig i actualy stood 10ft away from his SG, Tele, Casino, and Hummingbird , and i was mesmorised, but there was a guitar from about 79' he used in The Jam, a Ricky 330, customised and still owned by him, apparently it was and still is quite unplayable and was used mostly for promotional work, and its one i'd most like to own, just for the wall, to gaze up at and smile.. 8)

What do you think? based on the Roy Lichenstein Korean War pop art poster, it just looks fantastic on this guitar, i did see a copy of it on ebay once, it was very good, but it was a copy guitar, tanglewood or tokai or something, not the same.

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Quite surprising that Andrew Ridgeley never borrowed it to burn a few riffs on :P . Being poor (or, at least, unable to convince significant others to buy more expensive basses), I have a whole heap of "wants". Nobody's in particular; more a case of "this model, that model" dreamstuff.

If I had to have one, I'd probably go for something a bit out of the ordinary. I have only once ever seen a lefty, 5-string Rickenbacker 4003-5 (all-in blood-red). I wish I'd stumped up the cash. Must be a burger to play, with that 33" scale neck on a low B, but what if it sounds like a Rick should? I'd have to have it...

I wonder why it was largely unplayable? That seems an almighty shame to me. If it was mine I'd be inclined to get that sorted.

I dont think it was the most stable of guitars, Weller used to play them hard too, i think this ones main problem was keeping tune, new set of tuners? i would say that too, but who knows, he had about 10 Rickys so i suppose there were better ones in his arsenal, i tried to persuade Mrs Lee_UK that one would look good in a glass/perspex case hanging on the wall, it is modern pop art too, and we are looking for a couple of paintings to hang on the wall, i was going to get an old 330 or maybe a copy and paint it myself, i am a bit of a Bob Ross and have all my qualifications in Art, (thats why i ended up in WAN/LAN H/W and S/W installation) but she was'nt having any of it, pity cos i think that would look very nice on the living room wall.

While looking up for that lucky, '62-Strat owner, I did see this lefty ES345. All original. OK, I'm no Wes Montgomery but give me $19,000 and some lesssons... schmokin' :)

Gruhn's big pictures are big so have a visit if the thumb is a bit teeny for you. In fact, ought to put the site in the "porn sitings" thread.

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