Old aria Diamond not too rough

I have an aria diamond MODEL 1242 I can't seem to find any Info on.It's a ta80 style with an old bigsby tremolo with a piece of rosewood where the bigsby emblem is and floating bridge.The ones I've seen have the switch on the upper portion of the top cut-out and plug on the top,this one has the switch on the lower portion and the plug on the lower side below the bigsby.The aria vault doesn't list the 1242 at all and no searches have brought up any hits for the model 1242.Just curious if someone knows anything about it. :?:

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Hey Jo,

The November 1996 issue of Vintage Guitar magazine has a good article on the late 60's Arias if you can get your hands on a copy. The article is titled "Aria Guitars: From Classicals to Classics, Part I". I think the part II followed the next month or the month after. SB

Is it a jazz guitar or a Gretsch-a-like?

Thanks for responding. Its a gibson es335 copy. 21 fret dual humbuckers.I rescued it from an auction car here in seattle. Very playable but the bindings are in need of some repair,nothing serious.The tremolo handle is gone and the pickguard is missing but I've ordered replacements for those,plus ordered new pots and p/u's for it ,a pair of alnico overwound h 45-46.Opaque starburst green.

Jo in oz

It's a long shot, but a H-C review of an amp mentions someone owning a 1242 (http://www.harmony-central.com/Guitar/Data/Trace_Elliot/TA30R-1.html). Unfortunately, the guy's posting was in 1998 and his email address could well have changed by now. Maybe worth a speculative, if you put "Aria 1242 info" in the header.

I have this guitar. I couldn't find anything about it either. It is also missing the pick guard. It all works though. The floating bridge isn't very great.

You probably already know this, but aria turned to aria pro in 1975 so you know it's older than that. They didn't make electric guitars till 1966, so its newer than that. It seems everywhere I look up serialization, the first two numbers are supposed to denote what year it was manufactured. my first two digits are "13" he he.

Mine's also green. The bigsby works. one time I pulled on the handle and a 5 cent Euro flew out. I put the coin back. I picked the guitar up in San Francisco when my ship was there for Dry-Dock.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for updating the thread :)

Do you still have your 1242, or did you ever find out more information on it. I picked up one recently and have had almost no luck finding out about it. Mine had been in storage for 20+ years and is in great condition, but needs new pickups. Where did you order parts from?

I have this model and hard

I have this model and hard to find anything about it. I habe found some info and some theory but that's about it. Those I'vefound have different label insode as well. Any info is greatly appreciated. It belonged to my dad and recently fixed it up and gave to my son. Amazing guitar!!!

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