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Hate em or love em, if you've seen a guitar with a product or franchise appearing on it, post it in.

Gibson Spiderman - 15 made.

(ebay link)

Heineken Amsterjam promotion

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How about this lovely Jack Daniels bass:

Squier also produced a Jack Daniels Stratocaster, but it was a bit crap to be honest - the main part of the graphic was on the rear of the guitar. Here's the front:

Position your right arm carefully whilst playing and no-one need ever know you've got such a sad guitar.

What's this? A new advertising slogan from Coca Cola:

This Futurama actually belongs to an old friend of mine who's a big fan of cheap and tacky guitars. Check out his website here: htp://

Censor that one, Moderators! :lol:

I quite agree. Coca Cola is evil stuff.

Is it my imagination, or are the pickups pissed? they look a bit off cock.
Probably me.

Wherever coke is, pepsi is usually trying to get a bit of the limelight.

The J.D strat takes it to new levels because of the shape.

Speaking of Evil Stuff, I seem to remember punting up a hideously gaudy (and carved) Disneyland Anniversary Strat in the "Worst Finish" thread. I don't mean to dredge it up again, but it reeked "corporate awfulness".

Speaking of awfulness, new avatar, Mike?

Yes I'm waiting for someone to repost the Disney one because I didn't want to touch it. Despite a coworker here in the office thinking it is "awesome." :D

And thankyou 1b, it's some guy from your part of the world called air guitar eric, doing the "Walk of Life." He looks like a fun guy to have at parties.

Is he one of those pirrocks "selling" air-guitars on the Fleeb? Well done for that "Serpent" on the Worst Finish thread - a definite contender. Unt now, der "Disney":

This is, I believe, just a ltd copy. The original was carved, 3D eyeache.

thanks for that, it's a must for the thread. Too find out more on Air Guitar Eric and his army of Air Guitar warriors, visit this BBC page with more picture sure to cause delight.

Now I have to find another guitar to make this post on topic.

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