Good Beginner Acoustic?

Hi ladies and gents,

Who is making reasonable, but affordable acoustic guitars these days. I've taken a look at some Epis and plenty of low priced Fender acous elecs, but are there any particular models you would recommend? Or am I looking at a much for muchness scenerio.

A few...

Epiphone DR-100 -

Yamaha F 310 -,,CNTID%253D354%2526CTID%253D221000,00.html

Ibanez V70

Ashton D35

Price range $300. Buying for daughter.

Any advice most welcome.

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No problem, but if you can try out a crafter i strongly advise you to do so.

I'm partial to Alvarez guitars when it comes to quality at a budget price.
Their, Regent series is a good place to start. The RDS20 is a great sounding guitar but the neck may be a little chunky if your daughter has smallish hands. Same goes for their RC10 classical.
Their Arist Series has slimmer necks but they are outfitted a bit fancier, so the price is a bit more. But you should still be in the $300 price range if you take the time to build a relationship with the owners of the shop. Pay no attention to the price tag. Once they know that you are serious about buying and think you will be back to buy stings and other accessories there and possibly trade up later a minimum of 30% will come off the sticker price. Especially if you go to a Mom and Pop store.

For the person who didn't know if there are Crafter dealers is the US. There are. There is a dealer is Oklahoma City that I have been to several times and they are very proud of their Crafter USA guitars. They are very finely crafted and nicely appointed. Several times I have come close to buying one.If I could have walked out with one in a case for less than $700 dollars I would have one by now. The wife says trade two of your others in on it and you can have it. Poor woman thinks thirteen stringed instuments is too many. I think it's a lucky number.

hayseed4u, one of my many quotes:

'He who dies with the most stuff wins'.

Im winning ive got 14!! better get in and get that Crafter! :lol:

Take a look at Seagull Guitars. Made in Canada. These are well made guitars. Consistantly rated well by Acoustic Guitar Mag. They also get very high marks by players. They're a little more than the $300 you're looking to spend. But your daughter will not outgrow this guitar in a year, as this guitar attracts players of all levels: beginner to advanced.

The Blue Ridge series of Asian-made acoustics are okay guitars for the money, IMHO. Available on the West Coast, anyway.

A great option for beginner guitars under $300 are parlor guitars - the small scale is particularly helpful for younger players with small fingers.

Here's a list of parlor size guitars.

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