Welcome Stacey


Welcome Stacey...

She is the newest member of our team - who also just happens to like the disney guitar in the worst finish thread, worst guitar ever thread and the general worst guitar concept ever invented thread. Don't hold that against her but :D

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The Mickey is actually sort of appealing.. in the sense you could prob make a packet back on it from Disney fanatics.

nicely said Mike, i think its more a toy though, surely we cant count it as an instrument?

Well.. I think you have to Lee. It would be fair to say the Ninja Turtles electric available at Target for $12 is not a real guitar (in general terms), because it produces noise by pulling on a large rats tail (not 1basslefts hair, Splinters). Mickey however is an instrument.

How did you know about my hair :shock: ? How much personal crud have I plastered on these pages? Blimey, I thought I'd kept my cards close to my chest; but I'm a rat-sporting, Hondo-owning, tennis-losing garbage-posting lefty. I sound like that old Pepsi ad of the '70s.

There's probably other things you have told us in drunken moments you have forgot about - we have not.

Drunken moments? Just because I post at unsocial hours, waht maeks youthnk I'm icnapcitated, huh? Edivence - shoo me the edivence.

The fact you admitted to owning a signed Michael Bolton tea pot was enough to leave me wondering what you were on, let alone what you were drinking. :)

Mike, that sort of libellous stuff isn't on you know. Some peeps may take you seriously and lead us into a delete/reinstate war. Battle of the mods; Brighton beach, clicking mice at each other? Please, as a chum, clarify that the "signed teapot" thing was a figment too far. Please, I have a tattered reputation to keep, that is so-far "Soul Provider" free.

Okay yes.. okay.. the tea pot was maybe taking it a little too far. My apologies.

Magnanimus Sextus, thank you. In the words of Weird Al Jankovic, "I've bought some crap off of eBay", but a Bolton-signed Teapot isn't one of them :)

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