Charvette by Charvel advice please

Hi, I wonder if anyone could give me some advice. I have a flat bodied semi acoustic Charvette by Charvel guitar which was bought in about 1992. It is spotelss and, sad to say, virtually unplayed. It has had the action professionally lowered otherwise it is as new and comes with a hard case. As it's not being used I have thought about selling it and a friend has offered to buy it. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea what it's worth. Could anyone give me some idea. It is black with a pointy head and looks very sleek. I remember when I bought it that quite a few guitarists in the Brighton area offered to buy it from me because it had such a great and unusual sound. Many thanks, Nik

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Any chance of a pic?

Also do you mean a semi-acoustic or an electro-acosutic guitar?

Hi, thanks for your reply. No, I'm afraid I don't have the technology to post a photo. I'm also not sure what the difference is between semi acoustic and electric acoustic? Oh dear, I shouldn't be on a guitar discussion forum should I? :-) Well, it has a hollow body but is flat in shape, it doesn't have a rounded back. In fact, although it is hollow it actually looks more like an electric guitar than an acoustic one. It can of course be played without an amp but I think it is meant to be played through an amp but to give a particular, acousticy sound. It has a pointy head and is serial no. 9001581 if that helps?

It sounds like an electro-acoustic (i.e. with piezo pickup beneath the bridge rather than with magnetic pickups), possibly produced during the craze for "electric-shaped" acoustics that was started with the Kramer Ferrington model.

Hi Nik,

I'm just guessing but you probably have something like a Charvette 325. These are thinline electro/acoustics made in Korea in the early 90's. The value is probably $300-$400 USD but I would do a little research on ePlay to figure out what the guitar might bring at auction and go from there. SB

Thanks for your advice. I will have a look there.


Is it something like this:

Yes, identical, except it's black.

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