Anybody know where i get info on types of fender models and where they are made? do we (uk) import jap fenders? if so which models? its so confusing, so far there is India, China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Mexico, and US, now i understand that the classic series is made in mexico, but in Japan the classic series is made there? ive seen a Jap website http://www.ishibashi-music.com/fenderjp and they seem to have 13 types of jap made strat models alone! but in the UK we seem to get lots of jags, and basses but no strats, or ive seen a few strats MIJ but they cost more than a US? who makes the squier now? where is it made? a good website on the topic would help if anyone knows one.

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There are Japanese Export models, and also a whole bunch of Japanese Fenders for the Japanese market only.

Check out this guy's website, he imports some of those guitars not intended for sale outside of Japan into the UK: http://www.fareastguitars.co.uk

As does this other chap: http://www.resourcesoftware.co.uk/mijfenders/

(...and if your tastes are more inclined towards Gibsons, then there's this site for Japanese replicas from Orville by Gibson: http://japanguitars.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/page1.html)

thanks, does that also mean that only a selected few fenders get to the US? Ive had a few jap fenders and they have all been exceptional guitars, the older mid 90's ones would benefit from a pickup upgrade, i had a 72 thinline tele, and the guitar was unbeleivable quality, the neck was one of the best ive ever played, the finnish was spotless but the pickups let it down, they were twin humbuckers and just didnt cut, i sold it for more than i bought it for but looking back i wish i'd have kept it and changed the pickups, i have a 94 squire with texas specials in, and a late 90's 62 reissue with original pickups, and that sounds ok, but the playability on these guitars is the best, im not saying they will wipe all US opposition, but the craftsmanship is way better, ive also had a sunburst US custom shop 62 relic, and i sold it, and dont miss it, The US fenders just dont do it for me, Ive just bought a japanese 82' tokai strat, its a silverStar, looks very nice and ive played one of these at a guitar show and was very impressed. Why do the japanese make such good guitars?

Why do the japanese make such good guitars?

As you may have guessed Lee, I've been enticed by the lure of the East for many years. I've suffered much ridicule for extolling the virtues of Japanese instruments to my "Made in America" friends. However, I think when you have a 1,000 year history of erecting wooden buildings without nails, you probably know something about craftmanship and attention to detail. These guys are good. SB

Been doing a bit of research on it, and it seems that Japanese make a large range of fender models but they are for the Japanese market only, they are non-export models, new and 2nd hand ones can be bought from Japan direct, but import tax, VAT, carraige, handling makes it a painfull on the old bank account. The website quoted from glw :
http://www.fareastguitars.co.uk has a limited number for sale, but i suppose you have wait for the right one to turn up.

You could mail him and ask if he's likely to be getting a particular model in, or if he could arrange it. Worth a try.

Today i bought a used Strat, it's a Japanese one, according to the serial number it was made between 83'-87', its a squier, nice condition, rosewood fingerboard, no skunk stripe, and best of all it has a set of kinman pickups, this thing sounds and plays out of this world heres some pics:

just dont ask me what i paid for it.

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