Drummer ? or Psycho Killer/Mass Murderer ? Quiz Time!!

OK i nicked this idea from a yahoo attachment, all you have to do is study the photos of real drummers and real psycho serial killers and tell me if you think it is a drummer or a mass murderer? each photo has a number from 1-10 simply write the number then tell me if you think hes a killer or worse still a drummer, here we go.

Can anyone seperate the wheat from the chaff?
Maybe Mike can give a 'slogan' prize to the winner?

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We were just discussing these sorts of quizes in the office the other day, always a laugh they are. And yes, avatar slogan prize to the first person to get it right as decided by Lee.

Well, I shan't do the whole kaboodle (meaning "I don't know the answers") but surely #7 is a drummer. Anybody wearing a T-shirt extolling carpet-tape has to be a drummer. Not saying he didn't murder people in 4/4, I just reckon #7 is a drummer, even if it was a hobby.

Ok Lee, I think it is a trick question. They are all drummers. Sorta like that "is it is a boy or a girl" quiz and they are all former lads with a few bits missing and some plastic parts. SB

cant reveal the answers yet, but it isnt a trick, there are 5 drummers and 5 psycho's, and no drumming psycho's who beat their victims to death using a 20" paste crash cymbal.

Ahh thats a pity!! :D

Number 2 is a killer seen him in the paper and im guessing Number 9 is a killer too !

Thats as good as i can do .....

:lol: :) :lol: :)

Well taking into consideration the fact that Stacey saw number two on the paper...i'll say that 2,4,6,9,10 are killers...i mean look at number 6! scary brrrrrrrrr and number 4? he is like waiting for his conviction in a court. Number 9(is it a woman?) looks totally suspicious, now for 10, i'm not that sure...i could trade him for 8...crap! this isn't easy...

Number 5 is surely some sort of German terrorist. We've all seen Die Hard.

Number 8 could quite easily be both, I certainly wouldn't let him near any sharp pencils.

10 looks like UK comedian Rob Brydon - Picture example: http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/profiles/rob_brydon.shtml

% wise, i would have to say italos is doing quite well, he has the best score, it is quite difficult, i will print the full pictures soon, some of them show the full drum kit.
good one with the die hard mike, made me laugh when i looked at it.

8, 5, 4, 2, and 1 are the killers. That's my guess (although #6 is almost too ugly even for a drummer).

#10 has to be a Jazz drummer, judging by the suit and the "Oh no, I've sat on the brushes!" expression.

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