Barking 'Bay Descriptions

Post good ones here. I love this one (I know, the seller's not English, bit unfair) for its Kafkaness.

but, in case you can't be arsed to click, this is a priceless line or two from the guitar's description:

The double lower hem cut a horny body
The information science and technology contain red one metals of the awfulness

You couldn't make it up.

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The descn isn't that funny, but the title is:

what kind of dictionary was used there? Probably only three people in Britain use the word "eximious", and they all watch "Countdown". The "infrequent" presumably means "rare". BTW, has everybody heard my true story about the DX7 manual? Apols if you have:

The earliest imports demonstrated how you needed to tighten/loosen some transit screw before using the keyboard. Excellent graphic; consisting of screwdriver, keyboard and curly arrow. Somebody messed up on the text when looking for the English word "screw" and picked the wrong synonym.

The early manual had an excellent graphic consisting of a keyboard, screwdriver, curly arrow and the word "F***"

:lol: Picture please?

Phoon, this was about 24 years ago when I saw it. I'll have a darn good look, but it was replaced fairly quickly. Still, everything's on the 'net if you look hard enough.

Sorry, however I phrase the search, I keep getting "Harmony Central" and "" hits. Strange bedfellows.

I did see it, so someone must have saved it for 'net posterity. The truth is out there, as Dana Scully wouldn't say. (She's another hotty, BTW. Maybe not a muso, but she is a 30+ yummy). Cross-threading; I know :wink:

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