i have just got this marlin flying V, and i have look on the net for a while, and some one told me to look here, so can any one give any info on the guitar, i've heard the storyies about marlin too many time. any thing about it woud be nice, any thing at all.
hope to hear from you soon.
ohh, and befor i forget R.I.P dime, always thinking of you and your music

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The Marlins I have seen have all been Gibson copies. They were produced in the 70's and in Canada were distributed though Eaton's mail order catalog. I'm not sure if Marlin was an exclusive Eaton brand name or not. SB

SB wrote:
The Marlins I have seen have all been Gibson copies.

Really? I've only ever seen the Strat and P-bass copies. And one or two ugly "original designs".

So where have you seen these other Marlins glw? Do you know who else distributed them besides Eatons? I don't think they had a U.S. distributor but let me know if I'm wrong. thanks, SB

i think they have been dicussed before.
have a look here.

I do remember the Marlin Sidewinder bass around the late '80s here in Britain. It was a split-pup bass and the 12th fret sported a Marlin (similar to a swordfish) inlay. I did my very best to dissuade a Dad from buying one as a Christmas present for his son. It wasn't nice at all. That's all I know, sorry.

Well folks, to resuccitate an old line, in my first post to this forum, I found a Marlin Sidewinder bass today & it's a beaut! Smooth well polished fret edges, nice p/ups - 1xsplit up front, 1xH @ bridge. All the electrics work, it's got a pinstripe neck in maple with rosewood fretboard, and I would think it's a solid body, not a ply. Boasts a solid stamp on the back.

I think from what I can find that this was a Welsh company, who had their guitars made in Korea by a very high end music instrument maker.

It's way better than a couple of Squiers I looked at today!

But the bad news is in the bargain bin music shop locally (it's called 'cash converters' and they puport to sell s/h equip & occasionally do, but have their own brand 'Nevada' which they put on new stuff) I saw a new Marlin bass (2008). Made in China, and with none of the refinement of this little beauty.

So, as ever it's a case of 'buyer beware' - some are good some, quite clearly, arent!


My mate John had a Marlin, don't know the model, it was a 3 pup strat lookie likie, it was made from plywood, weighed more than Rosanne Barr and Danny Devito in a piggy back race, and had the tone to match.
It was also made in Wales.. umm.

I remember the welsh connection now.

They were bought out by Hohner, who had such a facility in Wales.

Ooh my first bass was a Hohner Marlin (p-copy) Great! Plywood withstands grunge inspired knife-attacks admirably, sounded sh*t tho...

Plywood is also good for boarding up abandoned factories and council houses, which is where i think Marlin got their supply from.

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