Attn: New For Sale / WTB Forum

As requested by the majority, there is now a For Sale and Want To Buy sub forum here on GuitarSite.

You can reach it from the main forum page, or

Posts allowed: Items for sale, items you want to buy and items you have listed on eBay. Please make sure they are guitar, music gear related.

Rules will be posted shortly, but I would like to hear your suggestions on what you think is appropriate. I know some of you don't like posting ideas here, so feel free to drop me an email via

If you can't find your post in the general guitar forum it may be because I have moved it to the new section.

- Michael

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I think it goes without saying that a little netiquette would be in order. 25 posts of "cheapest guitar package on eBay - click here" is just using up somebody else's bandwidth. I mean, would you like it if I peed in your toilet every night? :)

Dealers wanting to post more then one item would require permission from a Mod to avoid it becoming a store front?

The same could go for private sellers wanting to offload more than 3 or so items maybe? Obvious exceptions to the rule for regulars.

It'd be easier to say No Dealers, private sales only.

I think you may be right GL.

I'm not saying this is a blueprint for Guitarsite, but perhaps some of these rules from another forum could be chewed over. The numbers could be played with, or the rules relaxed a little until the forum gets settled. Anyhoo, here's the gist from another forum I visit...

Dealer posts, blatantly saying "visit my online shop" are deleted. Contact Guitarsite for a reasonably-priced banner ad deal. Private sales, including headsups for Fleeb listings, are allowed in the FS/WTB category for regular users. A regular user is defined as somebody who has made x (10? 20?) posts in other threads on the site. Otherwise, the post will be deleted by moderators. Regulars would be expected to combine multiple sales in one post and mods are entitled to shuffle posts about and 'remind' contributors of this rule.

To begin with, though, we could try "anything goes" and see what happens. I know I sound like a traffic-warden bore, but it could be a real drag if the site (that I enjoy flicking through) suddenly became swamped with "check out my auction" posts. Anybody else feel it's fair to put a little bit of brakes on a free-for-all?

Let's run for 2 weeks with lax rules - the obvious spam and stuff being deleted - to see what sort of activity occurs.

After which, as you suggested 1b, for those wishing to post heads'up on eBay items, they will require a minimum number of posts. To not have some sort of restriction like that, I think the quality of the forum could deminish, and that's not what any of us want.

Just to add a further point: The intention of the For Sale/WTB forum is a place for our regular members. Not a street corner for fly-by-nighters.

One forum I visit has their for sale forums locked to members until they have been members for 3 months. I don't want to be that strict but the min posts is a good idea. Just depends on what you all feel the minimum number should be set as.

I think, after the 2-week trial, a FS/WTB person should have contributed 10 posts to other threads to qualify as a "regular". It's not asking a lot; there are a heap of interesting topics on the site. Failing that, I can think of at least 10 comments I could make on MajorModMike's ever-changing avatars :)

The other site I know of with a min posts rule expects 100 posts before an ebay headsup is allowed. Lets face it, Guitarsite is pretty laid back compared with others. Maybe the "10 minimum" will increase with time, but that's an incentive to get in early. I quite liked "Pedalboardguy", with his blatant ads but funny and interesting contributions. Nothing wrong with some more of those joining in, but the "check this out" one-posters are a bore.

What do you think about the single-post "What's my guitar worth?" brigade? It'd be nice if some of these people contributed a bit more too.

I've been thinking the same all week after we have had what seems to be an influx in those sort of posts GL.

If yourself, the other regulars and mods all agree, minimum post rules can be put in place for For Sale and Valuation threads.

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