The answers to The Quiz !! all 72 band names revealed !**

they was published in a national newspaper, dont know which one, here they are.

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I studied your link really really carefully, Lee, and I think I can reveal the newspaper was the Daily Star :lol:

I don't agree that their opinion is the gospel, though. I still think that "The Beach Boys" could just as easily be "Butthole Surfers". Also, I know "Black Crowes" was already done, but the way they were settled on the sign made me think of Hitchcock, and "The Byrds".

EDIT: and their "Iron Maiden" is still my "QOTSA"

U2 indeed. My interpretation of it as Muse was much cleverer.

Sure was, although the mu did look a bit like "can't put up Greek symbols so a 'u' will have to do". U2 was probably the original intended. Some of the "official" answers are a bit contrived, though. I mean, "The Killers"? Just because they look like gangsters? Could just as easily be "Men Without Hats" or (more likely) Fun Lovin' Criminals.

Fun lovin criminals would be a bank robber in a party hat carrying a bag with a doller sign on it. :)

I don't even wanna begin with what the Butthole Surfers would have actually been.

But I agree with your QOTSA one.

I go for FLC over "The Killers" because FLC made extensive use of "Resevoir Dogs" clips on the "Scooby Snacks" single. They even credited Tarantino as a co-writer. The guys with the violin cases in that pic look rather like "Mr Pink" and "Mr Brown" :)

In that respect... your right

- Mike

Don't be daft. It was obviously Iron Maiden. No two ways about it.

Please may i add, the paper said it was 70 answers, but in fact acording to the Virgin website where the competition ran, there were 72 answers, and then there was an 'official' picture to mull over and it was wider than the one they published, and thats where 'the pet shop boys' (2 boys standing outside a petshop, durh) and the now infamous 'Whippet' dog came from.
I agree 'Muse' was very clever, and a very clever Green Day from Bass too.

That whippet really has me confused.

My biggest disagreement with their answers is number 42. The guys on top of the roof = Men at Work? c'mon.

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